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Hello and Welcome to  It is an honor and a pleasure to have you here today.  Please take the time to review my website for additional details and content of what is all about, and we hope you enjoy and share this information with your neighbors, your colleagues, and your relatives.

My story, your story, our's time to reveal the truth of our past to guide and prepare our current generations' for their future by building a strong institution of community and of family! No matter your walk in life that may seem unpleasant and uneasy, your story matters, YOU matter, YOUR child(ren) and YOUR husband matters.  If you're not married and have child(ren), YOU still matter; if you feel that you are not wealthy, YOU still matter; if you're not confident, YOU still matter, if you have a gift to show the world and nobody sees it in you, YOU still matter; if you feel that you are not worthy, YOU still matter; if there's anybody that has rejected you, YOU still matter.  Remember that nothing in life can snatch what God has packaged for you because He is the Alpha and Omega, and He knows how the story will unfold.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting  This is a user friendly place where we can share our stories by learning how to build strong families with a strong foundation, how to establish your last name as a family brand, and how to be a CEO-Mother of your family that God has created you and for this position.  Your family is your business, your institution, and your design on how you want it to be set-up and prepared to be in the world.  

The reason this website has been created for single mothers, married mothers, career mothers, homemaker mothers, partner mothers, widow mothers, adoption mothers, divorcee mothers, military mothers, raped mothers, young teenage mothers, and physically challenge mothers can share best practices on how to navigate this world of: motherhood. We share a commonality and that's being the best mother that we can possibly be everyday with no manuals for our family.

When God chose you to become a mother, he knew that you would bear the rewarding, exciting yet challenging responsibility of being a mother--better yet a CEO-Mother.  This assigned appointment was not an accident; instead he knew that you were strong enough to not only bear the changes in your body, but the expansion of life that is forming/or has formed and position YOU in to motherhood. We know that work is not always easy, but it's another position where we are working towards raising our children and building our households. Our God created Life for you to GIVE Life for someone else: that's sacrificial love. YOU got this!

Being a mother is a full-time position, not a job, because this business and position is without monetary compensation, and this position requires dedication, motivation, education, commitment, recreation, direction, delegation, discipline, creation, counsel and structure.  Our position as being a mother hardly shuts-down (hopefully during either afternoon nap or bed-time) but there are still after hours because your time-clock is set for 24 hour days, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year.  Wow!  Are you serious? When will I ever sleep?  When do we receive our fringe benefits, [ha it's all included when you were position for the opportunity of becoming a mother] since we're always on call just as if we're living the life of doctors and nurses. We have to be vigilant and diligent in being the best CEO mother where our families are reaping the rewards of God, faith, substance, obedience,  persistence, determination, inheritance and intelligence.  Ask yourself this question: how is your family represented daily?  Does your family understand their brand of what their family is and how valuable the name of your brand means?  Does your family have a vision? Does your family have an organizational chart of the roles set for their participation and tree ancestry where the family understands their past and current responsibility and expectation?  For instance do you delegate when things become overwhelming for you?  Do you ask for help even though you don't won't to be a burden? Do you set expectations for your family by having family discussions and meetings?  What are some of the topics at hand...such as finances, entertainment, church (if you attend), prayer, grocery list, savings, lawn care, laundry, school, studies, cooking, dishes, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, personal hygiene, house-hold rules, ectera.  

Family is not only within the household, it extends outside the family home and is attached to community.  Have any one of us heard the phrase, "It takes a village to raise a child?"  That short phrase has been said many times so that it can ingrain in our hearts, in our minds, and in our souls.  It's about unity, and building true strong neighborly relationships.  It's about verbally and rightly disciplining children where they will hear and see consistency throughout their home, their neighborhood, their school, and their curricular activities. It's bell that rings from door-to-door singing the same song that could be titled, "We are One under the Sun."  That's how we can build a stronger generation of teaching them how to serve! 

I hear stories of women that are hungry for their career and hungry to obtain a promotion and at the same time be active and present for their families; however they don't know how to reach for it especially when they have family, bills, work, and household responsibilities.  It's like: how can I make it? Where do I start? Can somebody help me? Do they see talent in me where I can be useful?  How do I balance work and balance family simultaneously, and don't forget about taking care of ourselves to meet the high demand of both positions.  HOW DO YOU DO IT??  Well I'm glad you asked. Guess what?  You're already doing it!  Hence, here is where you will receive influential, beneficial, educational, and inspirational sharpeners that may be helpful and resourceful towards achieving your endeavor while at the same time, being a mother to your family and to yourself.

Why do you think you were called to be a mother?  It's not that simple, but we'll work together by building a bridge of women that share commonality, and that's being a strong mother, a wise producer, a hard-worker, God-loving first, a loving and nurturing mother to her family second and her community third.

Come grow with CEO-Mothers as we "Build a Strong Institution of community and of Family."

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