A Mother's Love!

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A mother's love....

A mother is the women that builds with her hands, that listens with her heart, that sings with her soul, that teaches with her spirit, that embraces her children with Grace, that enriches her family with inheritance, that speak words of Power and authority, that demonstrates integrity with stature, that enables her family to succeed with knowledge and with education, that supports her family with love, that prays for her family, that shows-up to events and to parties, that has self-care, that cures her family when ill, that demands respect at all times, and that strengthens her family, especially in times of weakness. She is a well-rounded mother. She loves at all times. Yes it's true. She cares, she cries, she hurts, she smiles, she speaks less, she's in her community, she talks to her neighbors, she doesn't ask for much, she observes, she is lifted, she is life and gives life...AMAZING!

Here is her story: When a women decides to have sexual relations, with out some kind of contraception, she is possibly opening her body to shift and to birth another life to this world! At the time she is making a decision to be with child.  Don't get it wrong it's about a woman not only knowing her partner and his emotional love-sided spirit but her partner having the opportunity to know her and to relate to her in the most heavenly, orderly, and patiently way. Hopefully it's a place where there is a covenant with God and a spiritual connection in the relationship.

When they are united flying in the most paralleled direction, they close their eyes and feel as though they are both flying to a place of release and freedom. Once their time of relational closeness has ended, they are now opening themselves to a possible extension of having family members.  He is proud that he has chosen her to carry his seed in her womb, and the women is thankful for him in choosing her to bring forth life.  Mothers, I am proud that you sacrifice your body, your mind, your time and your Spirit in order to choose Life.  We appreciate all of your adjustments.

A new member to the family doesn't mean life stops, but it's the chapter of a new beginning. A moment of realizing that it's not about oneself, but about family, and raising another life that would become a changer of how this world can shift for the both of them and for the world to see.  At that time the pleasure of what God has created as a gift of love becomes a long-life journey of raising a child and becoming a mother one day and a father one day. It’s time to check and see if that moment of closeness created a life full of joy and happiness.

She is ready to carry their child in her belly and comfort that child as it lays closely in her. She speaks to their child, she laughs with her child, she reads to their child, she holds their child, she eats with their child, she prays with their child, she cleanses herself with their child, and she loves in her heart with their child. When it’s time to give forth birth, she pushes and delivers their child in to this world.

It’s time to raise their child.  She nurtures, she loves, she supports, she trains her children up, and she is the example for her children.  Her children call her blessed, and her husband praises her.  She is wonderfully and respectably made.  She is involved her in community, she financially prepares wealth for her family, and she prays over her family.  She is definitely a Proverbs 31 woman and mother.

Mothers, mother's day is every day. Thank you for your full-time role as being a mother, thank you for your guidance, and thank you for your courage.  You work around the clock, you're tired; however you keep moving forward.  

CEOMothers loves you, and may you have a Happy Mothers' Day!

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