Family Photos

Welcome to CEOMothers a place where we are building a strong institution of community and of family.

This year we have some incredible things for our families to bring them closer together with a theme titled "All About Family."  We would appreciate if you would like to join on this incredible family experience.  

Guidelines for the Family Photo Posting:

  1. Only one family will be chosen for a surprise
  2. Post your family photo before the end-of-and-the-month (May 2019)
  3. Make sure your family photo is appropriate and family friendly
  4. Only one family photo posting
  5. When posting family photo, post why family is important to you

Ideas for Family Photos:

  1. Think of a theme for your family
  2. What are some colors your family can wear and outfit
  3. Either take outside or inside photos
  4. Think of props in the background for your photos
  5. Find a photographer
  6. Smile in your photos and have fun
  7. Share photos by logging in to FB and type CEOMothers and post your family's photo and feel free to like this page too

Definitely share with family and with friends, and we'll see you soon.

Thank-you for visiting CEOMothers!

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