Angela Logan's Apple Mortgage Cake

Photo: Coral Von Zumwait

Angela Logan is a woman of strength, of courage, and of love.  She was on the verge of losing her home to foreclosure and losing one of her son’s to her ex-husband while still finding the time to serve the women at her local community center, still scrapping up money to take care of her home, and taking care of her sons.

After two generations, she didn't understand why now she would be the one to lose her family’s home.  Instead she fought back by using her grand-mother’s Apple Cake, and made it  a family successful business that allowed her to make enough money to save their family’s home and have steady income.  

Read about her success story on how she didn't allow her temporary set-back from succeeding for her come-back.  Her story was a door to help not only her family with income and saving their home, but allowing her story to bless other people from losing their homes too.  She’s been featured on the news, newspapers and has a movie created called the Apple Mortgage Cake.

Select this link to read more about the Apple Mortgage Cake

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