Vision, Purpose, Mission, and Goal for

CEO-MOTHERS Vision: A place of where CEO-MOTHERS are building a strong institution of community and of family.

CEO-MOTHERS Purpose: Partnering, preparing, and positioning mothers on how to operate their home as a family business.  We encourage them to define their true meaning of family and creating a vision for their family backed by God, Faith, Family, Fun, Strength, and Community.

CEO-MOTHERS Mission: Is to partner and to fellowship with mothers by helping mothers RECOGNIZE their POWER of motherhood and their POWER of BUILDING stronger families, stronger communities, and stronger organizations.  We do this by showing the importance of self-care, creating a family success plan to build families, sharing best practices and stories to build communities and creating a successful career plan for women's future.

CEO-MOTHERS Goal: Is to have mothers that are willing to share their stories of how mothers and women achieved success for not only themselves, but for their families, and sharing their experiences to be a blessing to another mother in need of support and of care.

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