CEOMothers; 6 Ways to Market Yourself 

In today's market place, encouraging yourself and complimenting yourself definitely has its benefits.  Yes it's nice to hear it from people, but you may not always have cheerleaders in your corner, so find ways to self-promote in a modest and in a respectful way..  Learn the 6 Ps that will help you get the the next level.

Perception: What are people saying about you?  I know in life we have been advised either by mentors, coaches, teachers, pastors, parents or trainers not to worry about what people say about you...but it's not about worrying about what people are saying but how your Brand is viewed by clients. 

Are you a negative person?  Are you a positive person?  Are you a me me me person or we we we person?  Are you collaborative?  Are you receptive to feedback?  Do you get angry about something that's brought to your attention, but feel either guilty or angry about it?  Are you receptive to change in your working environment? Are you self-centered?  That's why it's important to ask colleagues about yourself so you can do a self-inventory.  Once you do a self-inventory of what to discontinue and/or continue about yourself then that's when you can move on to step 2, and that is Preparing yourself to the next level.  Remember what you eject may reject if it's not professional and in good taste.

Prepare: a blueprint or map of what you want to see different in your career.  What are you strengths?  What are your talents and gifts?  How can it benefit the role that you currently have now or what you may be looking for?  What can you do differently to gain attention in a positive way?  The feedback and self-inventory helped you clean out the old and bring in the new, so you can offer more to the public: your internal and external customers.  Always be prepared than not be prepared.

If you are going to make a difference in your line of business, listen to your clients by understanding their needs.  When you listen, you learn more.  When you talk, your learn less.  Once you understand what your clients' needs are, try to find a solution.  Not hastily.  Once you have an idea, see if it works.  Try it out yourself or with testers.  If some of your testers like it, have them explain why.  Was there any cost involved?  If not what did you do to prevent cost and if cost was involved how did you manage the cost of the idea.

When you come up with ideas and you already did your research to make a difference and it works, then that's something you can add to your resume or portfolio.  It's all about what can you do for your clients while still helping yourself be promoted one day.

Present: Once you complete your pilot/test write a proposal to your clients including what the idea is about, the pros and the cons about the idea, cost of the idea, what your testers thought about it and why, and how it's going to benefit them.  Remember it's about your clients' business.  When all of this is completed, set up a time and a date to present your information to clients.

This P, Present, shows that you are a problem-solver, that you can get things done without supervision and you know how to handle business by negotiating and finding solutions that make the business stronger.  In addition, you can show team-work  by allowing colleagues to work with you on a project too to show that you are a team-player and that you can delegate accordingly.

Pitch-in: if you see your colleague with a challenging situation because he or she is bombarded with tasks, learn how to ask, "Do you need assistance?"  Don't look at the clock saying "man I can't wait to get off work," or "I don't have anything to do," because there's always something to do.  Instead lend a helping-hand.  If he or she does then be more than happy to help.  This shows that you see a need, and that you are willing to assist as long as you are well organized with your own responsibilities and you have extra time-part of time management.

Pen Your Accomplishments: if you have succeeded and were acknowledge of something that you've done well, write it down or print the information.  You may add this to your portfolio so that when you have an interview or during your self-appraisal, you may showcase this information.  In addition, interviewers definitely want to know during the time that you've been in your position, what have you done during this time, how long did it take you to accomplish these goals, and how did it make a difference.  If you have achieved these things, then they will definitely want  you because if you taken time to increase your knowledge and help your line of business, then you can help their business too.

Position: when following all steps, rest assured you will be placed in a position where you will Prosper because you took the steps to learn who you are, how you were perceived, prepare yourself for new challenges, you were prepared to present when asked, you were able to pitch-in to help your colleague(s), you were able to discuss your accomplishments that will now take you to a new position.  Over all you did these things without having to compromise your integrity by lying, by gossiping, by cheating, and by mistreating anybody.

Always remember you are stuffed with knowledge and great talent for the world to see.  Get in position and deliver great results for your employer but for your family and for your household too.

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