COVID-19 Family and Community Resiliency note 

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Hello CEOMothers Community.

At CEOMothers, our communities' businesses, our communities' families and our communities are important to us.  Over the last several weeks, we, as a people, have been reading, restructuring our lives, spending time with our families, and keeping up with latest details about the COVID-19 coronavirus, and researching information on what we can do to provide communication to keep as many people in our communities safe.  In addition, this experience has caused a pandemic situation leaving a people in a position to stop, to reflect, and to think-outside-the-box on what we can do to keep moving forward.

During this challenging time, we are gathering some ways that can keep our families and our communities closer together and from harms-way:

Pray: ask God to protect a people in the world from the spread of the coronavirus and to keep our countries running normally, cautiously, and safely

Pray for our first responders and a people that are in the front-lines as they aid a people who are sick and are in need, and pray for them to have the strength that they need to help others

Do not panic; stay calm and stay collected to prevent unsettling fear

Wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds

Keep hands out of your face, eyes and mouth

Keep surfaces clean

Sneeze and cough in your sleeve to prevent it from going in the air and stay 6 feet away from others

Keep up with the latest news to be aware of your environment, city and state notifications

Only travel if necessary

Share with your children on how to keep themselves safe too

Keep your shelves stock with basic essentials to prevent a shortage at home (shelf foods-beans-, toilet paper, medicine, flash-lights, bottle water, etc)

Keep your phone charged

Stay home if you’re not feeling well or contact your doctor for advice if you are unwell

Stay-in-contact with your loved ones

Create a plan for you and for your family and have a discussion about it (emergency situation, financial well-being, career change, school academic performance, location, vision, purpose, etc)

Contact your employer to see what they can do to allow you to work from home

Call companies that you either do business with or have service with to see what they be able to offer your family during this transitional phase (please be mindful that they may receive a lot of requests, so be patient)

Try to eat-in instead of eating out just during this short-time; this would be great bonding too as a family if you can 

Be optimistic, and use this time to stay productive

These are some helpful tips to ensure everyone stays healthy and up-to-date on the COVID-19 coronavirus, and we pray for all of your safety.  We, as a people in the world, will make it.

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