Christina McLemore: Business Woman, Mother, Daughter, & Friend

     Christina D. McLemore, Vice President as a Business Support Manager for Bank of America, is a life-changing business woman, dedicated mother, supportive wife, active church member, beloved daughter, true friend, and a role-model sister.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Finance from Franklin University and a Master of Science degree in Administration from Central Michigan University.  Her journey did not start where she is at today; her journey began in her childhood from a change in dynamics of her family, from a teen pregnancy, from her circle of community, and from the love of Christ.  These were her stairs in her journey that led her to today’s success story.

     Columbus, Ohio, is where Christina was born and raised by a divorced mother of three children, Ms.Victoria Wilder- Crews.  Raised in the church, pregnant at 17, graduated from Columbus City Public School system, Mifflin High, and landed her first job as a bank-teller.  When post-viewing her life, she saw many trials and tribulations.  First it was her parents’ 12 year marriage, as she once remembered, that ended. Second, she saw her mother move from a two-income household to a one-income household which caused their lifestyle to suddenly change.  Her mother effectively managed their family’s financial well-being that included, “shopping at Charity Newsies, standing-in-line at the food pantry, and not being afraid to ask for her help.”  As Christina sits in a brown-wooded chair at the Upper Cup Coffee Shop, located in Gahanna, Ohio, she leans in to the table and remembers her mother saying to her during these times, “It’s going to be okay.”  Third, as being a mother, the outside world imagine that it was impossible to accomplish her goals because having a baby was considered a dead-end life with no future, but God.  He changed Christina’s and her daughter's situation around.  That was not the plan He had for her; instead, His plan was bigger than she expected.  His plan was keeping her family close, giving her hope, and showing her courage through His word.  There were times she couldn’t afford to pay utility bills, spreading them on the table and having to choose the more important one to pay, however, that didn’t stop her.  She wasn’t ashamed to temporarily receive government beneficial resources for her and for her daughter.  She knew there was something greater for her and her daughter, and that’s when she pursued higher learning.

     Although those were some of the struggles and challenges within her household, one focus that was never over-looked was education.  Her parents emphasized the importance of education and encouraged their children to be the best in life.  She previously desired to pursue education; hence didn’t know what part of education until she discovered banking.  Yes her first job was a bank-teller, fortunately, it created more opportunities for her future. Those basic principles resonated in her spirit, and as a result, she became the life-changing business woman.  Banking became part of her journey for 20+ years.  She used her childhood (the experiences she learned from her mother) and college education as transferable skills in to the banking industry, and marketed herself and partnered with a reputable organization that led her in to the financial world of mentoring and leading people.  The form of education she teaches is professional-development, career-growth, and sharing stories that empowers change.  She admits it wasn’t easy climbing the ladder and had moments of discouragement; however, she rehearses a scripture from Jeremiah 29:11 from the Bible that reads, “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future,” when she needs a word from the Lord.  This ensures that she stays connected with God and to live the plan He has preordained for her life.

     Faith, family, and community is her circle.  She recognizes that her blessings were not acquired by herself, but by the love, the support, and the fellowship of her circle  that helped her fulfill her life’s journey.  She encourages other mothers to have their circle of people that can help influence them in the right direction and that are going to be supportive.  When there is a strong support system, everything functions in place.  Her mother taught her the importance of a family bond, in spite of a divorce, there’s still a connection that you have with family.  Christina’s mother never disrespected her father, never uttered anything badly about him, and kept close-ties with his family too.  She exhibited love and compassion so that her children can display the same behavior in the world.  Christina says, “Be careful what you say, because once it is out there you can’t take it back.”  In addition, she encourages other mothers to be careful how they speak about their children’s father, especially in front of the children, because they will remember.

     Christina knows that life may be challenging, overall, she encourages mothers and women to continue to work and “for many of us, we have to work twice as hard.”  If you “believe it, then seize it,” she says.  Sometimes when life comes at us fast and we as mothers and women may think there’s no hope, she says, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." 

     Thirty years later, her daughter Whitney Crews, is grown and working for a prestigious financial institution and has become successful too.  Whitney is proud of her mother and the woman that she has become, and how she accomplished her goals, and also proud of her circle of family that helped raise her too.  It took a village.  She and her mother have a wonderful relationship, and are continually growing closer. 

     Christina is happily married, and didn’t realize and envision herself being married.  She met her husband in college, went on a couple of dates, and dated for some time, was able to meet his family before he surprised her with the four letter phrase, “Will you marry me?”  She said, “YES.”  They are a blended family and continually growing as one.  She is learning the importance of self-care, while being married, and not neglecting herself.  She understands that she has to be spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and professionally together in order to be great for not only herself but for her family and for others too.

     Christina D. McLemore, has been a member of the Central Ohio Club of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc (NANBPWC) founded in 1935 for promoting and protecting the interest of African American Business and Professional Women, since August 2000 and currently holds the office of President (2015-present), locally with the Central Ohio Club.  She shares, “Being a member of an organization of this caliber with business and professional women who look like me has allowed me to develop both personally in my community and professionally with my career. It has exposed me to women who are cracking the “black” ceiling with confidence and skills to create change.  These women speak life into me and I am eternally grateful.”

     She leads the Central Ohio Club of the NANBPWC, Inc. with the development and impactful execution programming for the communities they live and they serve.  In addition, as a life member of NANBPWC, Inc. she is very proud of the work they do in supporting their communities, locally the Central Ohio Club has been responsible for providing annual scholarships to deserving African American females graduating high school, they have participated in providing Webinar series on Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Tools for a Small Businesses.  Their reach is not just locally but is globally where we have provided books for children in Africa. 

     Her work is still not complete for she has more assignments, people to meet and lives to inspire.  Christina is our next CEOMother, a mother that is changing the lives of other mothers around her and being an influential business woman for the world to see.  Don't miss this opportunity on her next move, instead move with her by following her on these three different social media platforms:

  1. Facebook: Christina Crews McLemore
  2. LinkedIn: Christina McLemore, MSA
  3. Instagram: cdmclemore

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