Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Decisions...What’s Next?

Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Decisions...What’s Next? I understand your pain sister. You are overwhelm with what Life has brought to you. You thought you can do it all and everything is working out, but now, you have temporarily broken-down. You have your career, you have your deadlines, you have your meetings, you have soccer practice and after school program for the kids, you have your goals, you have school, you may have a boyfriend or husband, you may have children, you have church engagements, you have your health, you have your finances and the list continues to grow non-stop. However you didn’t think your Life would have curved you in to a bind; however, you thought it offered you a greater moment and time called ease. You’re out of breath, you’re tired, you’re crying, you’re angry, and you think that it doesn’t get any better. Depression and anxiety starts. It controls your moods, your thoughts, your behavior, your mind, and it’s uncontrollable. You become quiet and remote and no longer have the energy to be around people. Your desires changes and you feel demotivated. Eventually your emotional state-of-mind consumes you. And then your heated like the Sunshine State.

You then ask yourself “Why or what did I get myself in to?” You’re diligently striving for yourself and for your family to conquer and prove yourself that you can do more, and then you’re finding your productiveness is less. Why? More is More and becomes less. You’ve figured that you had enough. Why? Because you shifted in to auto-pilot. Your body is working but your mind is temporarily out of commission.

When you continue to accept more responsibility and not gaining anything from it, your body begins to weaken. You’re mind begins to become fatigue. The human brain becomes over-worked, when not rested, and you become burnt-out. You had enough! You cannot do it anymore. You want to give up. You’re in tears. You’re calling off! You’re frustrated! Everything is pulling at you at once and you feel like you cannot give anymore. Everything is at a halt. When this happens, it’s time to rearrange and organize your yourself and responsibilities. You went to see a counselor for guidance, a psychologist for behavior intervention, and a psychiatrist for depression and the doctor assesses you and gives you pills. You take them to get better and helps you become stabilized. However you then wonder what others may think about you because of your mental state and medication list. You worry about your reputation and about your future well-being. You worry about whether you are going to make it or if you have to start over. You’re thinking about an alternative plan, but don’t know if it’ll work. You ask yourself, “ Do I have to continue to be on medicine forever?” or “ Will I get back to myself?” It’s important to ask your doctor a list of effective questions to receive an understanding of your health and your health path.

Well I’m going to advise you: there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re human and some times life happens to the best of you, and overall, it’s about how you handle it. Some people may take longer to heal, but with God’s Grace, you’ll make it! This may not be your story; however this may be somebody’s story and this may be a solution to assist.

Here are some rewarding tips but challenging changes that you can incorporate in your life:

Ask your doctor: Ask if there are other alternatives rather than taking medicine. There’s nothing wrong with medication if it is stabilizing you and there’s nothing wrong with counseling if it’s transforming you. Having worried about what people think may make your situation worse, so think about how you’re rebuilding yourself. Ask yourself should I worry about someone who is not adding value to my life?

Reevaluate your responsibilities: whether it’s in the office or in your personal life by declining extra loads of work and delegate and it’s permissible to decline date night with friends. Don’t accept more that you cannot handle; however if you say no and be productive with less it’ll take you to more places. You’ll begin to shift in areas that you’ve never imagined. Your mind will be lifted. You’ll begin to feel liberated.

Stay in constant prayer. I remembered watching War Room where xxx goes in to her praying closet and had a list of things she prayed over every day and spent time with God. Meditate on your deity and ask for guidance and take control of your thought keep thinking positively and not negatively.

Be careful about your crowd. Be mindful who you allow in your circle. Keep close friends and keep family by so they can assist you through challenging times. This is your time to heal and reevaluate yourself, family and situation and how you’re going to overcome it. Remember every body may not be for you and glad to see you down instead of lifting you up.

Take your time: don’t rush your life because you only live once. You’ll make it with time. Cultivate and mold your craft to excellence. Doing this doesn’t happen over night but with time you’ll make it!  Enjoy your time and make good use of your time so in order to effectively accomplish your goals.

Keep a calendar: write it down and look at your schedule every day so you can better prepare yourself for what’s next. You’ll have a better understanding of what needs to be accomplish for the week. Stay humble: when you received the position you wanted stay humble. Remember your beginnings so when others are struggle you have a solution to help them through it too. Also it’s challenging to make it to the top but easy to fall to the bottom.

You're  not by yourself: are many other women and men that suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress.  Sometimes life becomes overwhelming, but know that it's only temporary.  You may join groups to help you through this difficult time, take time off of work to heal, and rest.  Try to find the root-cause of your situation, tackle it, and try to find a remedy to handle it.  Once you handle it and address it, things will gradually get better.  

Delegate: there’s power in delegation. You cannot do everything by yourself. Ask your family, friends, and colleagues for support. Don’t ask anybody, ask from individuals that knows your passion, your heart, and your mission. They’ll be your strong foundation. In addition you don’t have to carry multiple tasks when someone is knowledgeable and can partner with you.

Enjoy life: take vacation, spend time with family, go for walks, read, observe people, and listen to music. Sometimes it’s better to get away to rejuvenate so you can be replenish for something greater. This allows you to embrace your surroundings and appreciate life itself. Breath!  

Don't get in to auto-pilot: if we are always going and not reflecting, then we are not learning and retaining information.  It's important to slow-down and reflect because if not then our mental state we no longer be useful.

You can make it! Be encouraged! We love you at CEOMOTHERS! 


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