CM: Weekly Devotional 11/23/2016

Proverbs 11:14-"Where There is no counsel, the people fail; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety."

Is there someone that you admire by their eloquence, by their poise, by their message, and by their presentation in how they encourage a people to be better in our society?  There are professors, teachers, preachers, keynote speakers, motivational speakers, parents, coaches, elders, mentors, evangelists, deacons, Chief Executive Officers, principals, elders, politicians, celebrities, and the list goes on, of counselors that counsels us everyday.  They partner with us by delivering, influencing, and feeding us words of encouragement, inspiration, and direction on how we can move forward in our lives.  If there is a motivation-deficiency in our lives, we search for counsel from any vessel that speaks to our Spirit, Soul, body, and mind because when we yearn for messages and found the message of healing, we gravitate to it, assess our lives with it, validate it to see if it's right or wrong for us, and then we apply it to see if the message received brings a change in our lives.

The Power of a counselor brings safety words where there is still hope, where there is a success, where there is love, and where there is peace; however, if there is no counsel, we as a people may go astray-and that means we could be lost in this world and we may parish.  How does this associate with our CEO-Mothers?  Everything!  As CEO-Mothers, let's encourage one another to be excellent (not being perfect) in every thing we do by giving our best every day where we have touched lives, made a difference, and fulfilled our day with something significant that was meaningful for us too.  We as women, need counsel not in a way that it will lower our standards and lower our position as mothers, but help us to be the best that we can be.  It's a counsel that flourishes us to keep rising, praying, hoping, loving, caring, nurturing inspiring, encouraging and influencing not only for ourselves but to pass it along to other women that are need of it too!  This is the safety and power of counsel and words of counseling.

This Week's CEO-Mothers action: Do you have anyone (counselor) that you seek for counsel, for guidance, for encouragement, for inspiration, and for any other important matters?  If not, explain?  If you do, write the person's name down and give reason you chose this counselor for counsel, and how he or she has positively influence your life.  Has anything changed in your life based on the message received from your counsel?  Yes or no, and then explain.  Whatever you have written down, meditate on it, and move forward with action that will be conducive to you and your family and to everyone that you surround..

Thank you for reading, and may this message help govern ourselves accordingly!  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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