CEO-Mothers' Weekly Devotional 12/18/2017

Mark 10:18 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest though me good?  there is none good but one, that is, God.

God is good. He will set you up for great things in life.  When this happens, people will speculate, fabricate, predicate what they don't know because they want to know about you, and why God is blessing you.  However don't let those things move you.  Be glad they're interesting to them because you are significant, and there is something that sparkles about you in the eyes of people.  It's because you have God's anointing.  Believe that you are going to reap from the conversations of people because the more people know you by name, the more your name with be known by people.

I remember when Beyonce, while she was in the group Destiny's Child, and they were getting ready to separate as a group, all we heard was the name Beyonce.  She was talked about, blamed, and her family was almost put to shame.  Although her name appeared in newspapers, magazine articles, and media, she still gave a wonderful performance during her concerts because she kept God first and she was focused.  She did not allow the negatives to filter with her positives.  She was driven with purpose.  She saw an opportunity and refuse to quit; instead it gave her ammunition to keep moving forward.  From all of that negative publicity and humiliation turned in to something positive where she has become a highly famous actress, fashion model-artist, and famous music artist.  Can you dig?  You can get through your situation too.  Trust God.

God has his way of having us go through a process but we can get through it together.  Just walk; no just RUN it out.  Thank God in advanced for this because something is getting ready to happen and when the GLORY of God shines, you're going to shout like there's no tomorrow

Stay close to God, and He will bless you and keep you because He is Good.  I love all of you so much. 

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