CEO-Mothers' Weekly Devotional 09/25/2017

Proverbs 31:27 She watches over the ways of her household.

CEOMothers, we have been appointed to have dominion over the Earth by God, and we are leaders not only at work but of our households.  Since we have been given a high position on Earth, we are fearfully and wonderfully made to monitor everything with caution and that our hands touch: our children, our finances, ourselves, our spouses, our homes, our calendars, our businesses, our communities, and so  much more.  When we watch the over our households, we have the chance to bless things we have within, so when they are seen by the world, it is well received and respected. Our households are part of the rubies that come from us, and they will sparkle everywhere because of how well we watched and monitored our households. 

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