CEO-Mothers' Weekly Devotional 11/06/2017

Hebrews 11:1

Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

How many of us walk by sight and little by Faith?  We live in a microwavable society where we want  instant gratification, and if it's not done quickly, we want to give up.  We pray and hope for things to happen overnight and when things do not happen as soon as we want it, we become disappointed. 

God wants us to know, that He hasn't forgotten about us.  We can still pray, presume, and proclaim that what He has plan and what our heart desires will come to pass.  We have to believe as though it already exists in order to walk in to our destiny.  Have you ever heard the phrase, fake it until you make it?  Walk by faith every day by doing what you love to do.  If it's starting a business, if it's getting a degree, if it's taking good care of your family, if it's becoming a leader, if it's becoming a teacher, if it's becoming a doctor, if it's becoming a lawyer, et al , you can do it.  You were instructed to have dominion over the Earth, so have your dominion and conquer what you see to have accomplish for of motherhood, of community, of family, and of your career.

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