CEO-Mothers'  Weekly Devotional 12/04/2017

Exodus: 9:5

Then the Lord appointed a set time, saying, "Tomorrow the Lord will do this thing in the land."

In due time, God will set a time and a date for you to receive what He has plan for you.  He advised Moses to tell Pharaoh to "Let My people go, and they may serve Me."  If Pharaoh did not abide to what God has asked, then God will take everything away from Him and bless the people of Israel.  

Sometimes in life God will bless you when He is ready for you to be blessed.  When He ask you to move and to do His Will, move.  He will be with you to guide you through the process as He did with Moses.  Be patient, be attentive, and ready.  He knows what He is doing and the foundation that he is preparing you for to handle.  It's not in our time, but it is in His time when things will unfold and work in our favor.

Be blessed and highly favor.


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