A Good Name 03/2018

Proverbs 22:1-A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favor rather than silver and gold.

Mothers when we give our children's names at birth, we are giving them a name that has a definition of who they will become.   In addition, their names will have power and history for the world to see and to learn.   For instance, we read stories about people on how they became successful either by starting their businesses, by making a difference in the world, or by writing stories that reshaped history.  Our children are 100% our future, so if we teach them that their name will give them favor and honor, they will live favorably and honorably. Their good name will resonate in our hearts and we will model what they've started.  Let our names ring like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr that believed in a dream; Let our children's names build relationships like Oprah Winfrey; let our children's name think like Steve Jobs building technology that revolutionized the world; let our children's name dance like Misty Copeland; and let our children's names be like former President Barack Obama that had a chance to be in a Presidential office that nobody didn't believe it was possible.

Blessed be the name of what your child will become!

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