Let's Sharpen One Another!

by LaMeka Howard

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Proverbs; 27:17

"As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."

Calling all mothers to come together, and sharpen one another.  I know this verse can be used to strengthen anyone, not just for mothers; however, I am calling out for mothers to strengthen mothers.  

Mothers we are here to strengthen and empower one another to be our best.  You are amazing.   The reason this passage was provided is because God knows that we are fighting challenging issues every day, and may cause us to derail from His word and His perfect plan for us.  King Solomon, son of David, received this word from God and had written for a people.  It was written for us to gain wisdom that enriches our minds to sharpen one another, especially in Christ because we may become dull.  In the area we are dull is the area we can be strengthened.  When we sharpen one another it makes us stronger to look at our opportunities, assess them, validate them and mature in them.

For instance we may be overwhelm with the day's work; we may complain about what our spouses are not doing for us and our spouses may be complaining what we are not doing for them; we may get frustrated because we have a lot of responsibilities and it seems as though it nevers ends; we may feel that God is not answering our prayers fast enough; we may feel as though God doesn't love us or question if His word is really true; we put in more extra time with our children so they can be successful; we diligently strive for success; we may have ambivalences that we don't know how to handle; vicissitudes happen; sickness happens; death happens; love happens; disappointment happens; great things happen and we want more of it; life is beautiful and we learn to love it and so much more; however, what happens when we experience these situations and don't have anyone to turn too?  That's how the word fits in, it teaches us to be strong and of good courage and to uplift one another in our time of need.  When we strengthen one another, we sharpen one another to be great. We empower one another with the word, we empower one another in prayer; we empower one another to move on, get up and be better.  We encourage someone else that is on the verge of losing themselves.  We are their breath, their light, their rock and their backbone.

Mothers, if you see a mother trying and working hard, hug her, speak life over her and embrace her with love and support.  Pray over her.  Share best practices so she may be greater not only for her family, but for future generations to come.  Don't break her; build her.

Let's sharpen one another, so when people see us, we are bright, sharp, and people of excellence.

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