Be Anxious for Nothing

Phillipians 4:6

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God."

How many times we as a people become discouraged when in a pickle, and our situation doesn’t look promising?  We have a tendency to relinquish our progression, and diminish opportunities things that may be promising for our future.  We may think healing is not real; we may think we will never become successful; we  may think we will never mount to greatness; we may think we will never graduate from college; we may think we will never have a home; we may think we will never have a new car; we may think we may never have a family; and there may be other situations that may hold us bound; however, God has the last answer.  He will make a way even if the road doesn’t look clear to you; it looks clear to Him.  Don't fret, don't get discouraged, and be anxious for nothing.

The seasoned generation always used to tell children, during my childhood years, that when the storm is preparing to come, get some where and sit down.  While the storm is passing over us, they encouraged us not to make a sound and to sit and watch God working.  They will tell us it’ll be over soon.  When it was over, the sun was out again.  When there is a storm in a people’s life, be still and allow God to work, and when it is over, the sun will come. 

In life, embrace every obstacle in your life because when you pray, when you give thanks unto God, he hears you.  Allow Him to receive your prayer, and watch His move work for you, and while He is working watch Him and don't worry for nothing.

Be blessed!

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