Impacting Generations

By LaMeka Howard

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Ecclesiastes 1:4 One generation passes away, and another generation comes.

All of us have a creation date and all of us have an expiration date.  Since we don't live forever in flesh, the knowledge, the wisdom, the experience(s), and idea(s) can be passed to future generations.  They are coming behind us, so they need information that's going to bring forth good fruit.  They need substance to sustain the test of time.  They need us as leaders, as mentors, as parents, as teachers, as coaches and as professors to feed their hunger for knowledge in order to drive this world forward.  Whatever we plant in them, let it be fruitful, impactful, and worth sharing.  Let's leave a legacy where our stories of our lives ring,  Let it make a difference.

Importantly some of us may be known by the world and some of us may be known by family, by friends, by neighbors, by colleagues, and by social media based on a multitude of things; however, the power in our name and the power in what we do may be use for their advantage.  The power for generations is what we leave behind when we pass away for them to receive and what they will be able to use to drive the next generation forward and what they need to receive.  It's called generational seed inheritance.  Plant our seeds wisely for our generations to come, so our future can bear good fruit.

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