Family Board Games

Welcome to our second month's All About Family.  We are excited that you and your family will be part this incredible experience as we are bringing families closer together.

Dr. Martin Luther King Sr, states, "A family that prays together, is a family that stays together, and is a family that plays together."  We encourage you to spend quality time with family because it's priceless, and we want you to have memories that last a lifetime.

For the month of July, choose your family fun board game(s) ranging from Clue, Monopoly, Battleship, Life, or any other fund board games, and post your experience that you had with your family in playing one of these games below.  If you and your family created a video, you can upload your family fun board game video on our Facebook page at CEOMothers.

One family will receive a gift for their participation and for sharing their experience about playing the family fun board game for the month of June.

Have fun as we are bringing families closer together.


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