Happy Fathers' Day; We appreciate YOU too!

Fathers...we appreciate you too!

Fathers, we see you too. You work hard every day getting up in the morning being the first one to leave the house and the last one to come home. You make sure that the handy work is completed around the house, shoveling snow, cutting the grass, cleaning the attic, doing car repairs, fixing the plumbing, negotiating deals, planning vacations for the family, and seeing your children have investments for their future.

In the evening you read to them, wrestle with them, play video games with your children and showing them how to respect adults and how a man loves a woman. You fill-in to help your wife whether it’s cooking dinner, tending to the kids, doing the laundry, taking them to their events, supporting them at their games or spending quality time at the park. You’re always there to show your family that you care.

On Father’s Day, you collect gifts from the family on how special you are to them. Mothers appreciate your partnership and leadership too. Mothers and wives are to support you, neither to be above nor beneath you, but to walk with you by your side, to be equally respected in everything you do.

Fathers there’s power in you, and in your voice. There’s something about your presence and how you are there for your family through good times and through bad times. There’s something about your strength and character that keeps your children strong. You’re the puzzle that keeps the pieces together.

Fathers your leadership is untouchable and cannot be duplicated.  You speak when necessary, you make effective decisions for your household, you build effective-relationships, you are business-oriented, and you surround yourself with other men where you can encourage one another to be great men and to be great fathers.

We appreciate you fathers. We want to see more of what you can do. Spoil us with your laughter, shower us with your love, embrace us with your comfort, speak life over us with your words, protect us with your arms, strengthen us with your character, invest in us with your profits, and respect us with your presence.

You are life for us!

Happy Fathers' Day from CEOMothers.

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