The Founder 

     Hello and Welcome to  It is an honor and a pleasure to have you here today. 

     My name is LaMeka Howard, and I am the Founder and Creator of  I am a mother of 3 beautiful daughters, Essence, Brooklyn and Kalyn, and they are my members of our institution of family.  In addition, I am a college graduate with an Associate Degree in Business Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  I am a motivational and public speaker, an author, and trainer, and I am a CEO-Mother.  

     The reason I created this website and establishing is to create an experience through new paths and existing paths of women sharing and growing their stories on how they built and are building a strong institution of community and of family.  

     Family has always been the #1 ingredient in my family.  We learned to love, respect, cook, clean, have conversation, build relationships, have family gatherings, work hard, forgive, and so much more!  In addition, community was another picture: when I was growing up as a child, I was surrounded by 6 beautiful women that planted seeds not only in me but in to my friends.  One was a counselor, one was an entrepreneur, one was an entertainer and community woman, one was a career-woman, one was a praying warrior/conversationalist, one was a college-graduate.  Yes, all of them were providers too, but I always focused on their main gifts that could be passed-on to us and for future generations to come.  Overall, they were not only mothers to their own families; however,they were mothers to a community of children by other families, and that kept us glued as One Family.  To this day, all of us still have some form of connection because of the strength, boldness, struggles, tears, laughter, family, courage, prayer, and God that our mothers transferred to us. 

     Some mothers may not have received the privilege of experiencing this story. There are mothers that may not know how to be a great mother and let alone they may want too but don't know how.  There are mothers that want to do better for themselves and for their family, and do not have any clear direction.  If they do have a clear direction there may be other obstacles that affect their lives from getting there which could be financial matters, family affairs, day care expenses, health-related issues, and other factors of life.  Their main question is: how do you balance time, how can you have a career and motherhood and still have time for growth and self-care?   They seek, but the door doesn't open.  They ask and they may feel that their request is not happening as soon as they want it.  They receive the how-to-approach word, but now they need the guidance, support, and prayer to do it.'s time to not only SEEK, but KNOCK and watch the doors open from God.  It's time to take a look at your current situation and where you are seeking and whether or not you're knocking on those doors to receive a blessing.  Be encouraged and know that there is something rewarding for you and for your family. You have been placed in this position because this Life was chosen for you to give life.  This Life is a story that shares how mothers are able to be ALL THINGS through CHRIST that strengthens mothers to be teachers, praying warriors, supporters, nurtures, providers, around-the-clock nurses, mediators, chefs, motherly cleaners, counselors, career women, and so much more.  This strength is the POWER to move us forward with slight roadblocks, but furthers us for our success as family.

     Rest assured this will be a place where you can receive weekly devotionals to inspire you for the week; Monthly interviews of CEO-MOTHERS sharing their strong institution and community of family stories, resources that will be provided to help you along your family's journey, tips for your children's success, and much more.  This is a place where we can laugh, cry, celebrate our successes and our failures, listen to our goals and aspirations, encourage and support our mothers with prayer and conversation, and allow them to attend monthly webinars (that will be recorded too) so you can start a new month with a clear and fresh  mind.

     Thank you for reading, and may you enjoy the fruit of website for your families' needs and our journey as we build a strong institution of community and of family.  If you enjoyed reading, feel free to share with someone else that could benefit from it.

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