Happy Mother's Day

Photo above: (left to right) Kalyn, Essence, Brooklyn and me at Essence's High School Graduation.

Every year, Mother's Day is celebrated to all the mothers around the world to remind them of how much they are appreciated to their families.  This celebration is more than just a day; it's a worth a lifetime.  It's about the life that God has given us to birth in to this world to make a difference, it's about nurturing and raising our children to the best of their abilities; it's about showing up to our children's events from school; it's about taking them to practice for their different activities; it's about the late night homework deadlines; it's about their first day of school that we cry because they are growing up; it's about teaching them morals and values to place in their hearts; it's about their first boo-boos; it's about their first date; it's about keeping them safe and secure; it's about the moments they feel of being part of something special; it's about the birthday parties; it's about family reunions; it's about quality time; it's about family photos; it's about community outreach; it's about being strong for our children; it's about the life moment talks; it's about their first crush; it's about their endeavors; it's about the tears; it's about their future; it's about their fevers and colds; it's about teaching them to clean their room and washing the dishes; it's about making sure they are sleeping at night and not staying up to read or play video games under the blanket; it's about building relationships; it's about catching them in their first lie; it's about serving God; it's about being adventurous and helping them to explore life; it's about loving them; it's about supporting them; it's about cooking family meals; it's about vacation time, and there are so many other things that we do as mothers that cannot be forgotten and how we hold our families together.   It's not only about our families, it's about us, as mothers, too.

There are times when we feel that we are not going to make it; there are times when we feel lonely; there are times when we feel as though we are not giving enough; there are times when we sacrifice somethings for our families; there are times when we say, "Oh my goodness, is this what motherhood is about, take it back," lol but GOD; there are times when we have to do for ourselves in order to be great for our families; there are times when we feel that we need to accomplish more for our families; there are times when we do more for our families than we do for ourselves; there are times when we may have lost ourselves, but we were able to gain it back to show our children that we can make it, there are times that we are reminded, that LIFE is a beautiful choice, and there are times when we are reminded how we carried our children for nine months.  We are mothers with grace and with power because we are made in God's image and we have what He has and it's been passed on to us.  We are fearfully (respectfully) and wonderfully made by God.  Since we have His glory, He has given us the strength to be the greatest in all that we do according Proverbs 31.  Let this day go beyond today, and be consistent with all that we do because we are leaving a legacy with our families.  In addition, if we read the story of Mary, in the Bible, she honored God for choosing her to bear Jesus, and there's evidence on how she praised God when she visited her cousin Elizabeth in the New King James Version Bible Luke Chapter 1: 46-55.  This is for us too that we are blessed to bear gifts for the world and we did it.  Let's celebrate that too.

May 10 is not the only day to celebrate mothers, but every day.  When God have given women the opportunity to bear children was the day when He set forth to multiply the Earth, we have been given a responsibility to be fruitful for our families and with our families in order be successful in anything.  We have been granted the power and endurance to prevail at motherhood because our brains, according WebMD, were designed,  pruned and adjusted for this role.  

Although motherhood has it's challenges, it definitely bears blessings and rewards.  We see our children graduate, become adults, build careers, have families, make a difference in their society, and owning their homes.  We see their accomplishments and we see their opportunities.  What a blessing about being a mother is that we always find a way to prevail the storm.  We are outside-of-the-box thinkers and shakers that move mountains.  We are overcomers and because of what we do regularly to show our children that no matter the situation, we can do it.  They will grow up with those principles to incorporate in their lives too.

Above Photo: my mother, Patricia, and me at Disney Springs, in Orlando, Florida.

I, too, am proud to be a mother, and I am excited that God has chosen me to be a mother to my three beautiful daughters.  They are precious young ladies, and with God's power, He will cover them and abundantly bless them and their future.  In addition, I am proud to come from a beautiful mother, Patricia, that shared her principles of motherhood to me: her grace, her love for her family, her love for God, her support, her love for her community, her class, her determination, and her principles of life have been tremendously beautiful to me and I'm glad that I came from her.  In addition, to all the women who I saw in their motherhood, when I was a little girl, and what I was able to absorb from all of you too as mothers to your children,"Thank-you!"  All of you are incredibly amazing.

Mothers, I say to you, "We thank-you," for allowing your bodies to position itself for a new life; we thank-you for shifting your future for even a greater one; we appreciate your diligence and your love; we appreciate you and your determination; we appreciate your strength; we appreciate you for being YOU and what God has created you for this moment in time.

In conclusion, I saw on Facebook a picture that illustrated a grandmother, and her generation of carrying an egg of her daughter, and her daughter carrying an egg of her daughter that was in the same picture inside the grandmother, and that's letting us know that our babies are always carried from one generation to the next, and we are the future of what has been created before us.  Continue to be a wonderful mother and know that we will continue to be appreciated for the work and love we have given to and for our families.



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