It's About You Too!

It’s about you too!  Don’t forget it!!

 We are CEO-Mothers-in-chief, drill sergeants, and any other major high-rank titles that represents us as being mothers to our family and households.  We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year, and we’re still going strong.  We are the super-sheros that saves the day with our magical motherly gifts, in order to meet the forever changing demands of our families’ life events. 

 Although we have titles it doesn’t make us or shapes us based on who we are, but it tells a story about our role and what is required from us daily in order to effectively maintain and sustain our households.

 In our roles it’s so easy to give up ourselves to accommodate our household and family responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, nurturing, grocery shopping, taking our children to appointments, shopping and practice; gardening, waking up in the middle of the night because our children are ill; working, and so much more.  That’s a lot to handle but it’s part of our daily habit, and we try to stay organized.  However, do we have an administrative assistant that can help organize our day for us.  Hecks-no. Maybe we can wish for one.  We have to get a book calendar and a refrigerator magnet calendar to help us stay on track with our weekly itinerary,but for now, no administrative assistant is available.   We slay day in and day out hoping each day gets easier, but it not only gets easier, it gets better.  Here are some steps to take to keep the CEO-Mother vivacious, vibrant, and vigilant while still maintaining her motherly responsibilities:

 ·Pray to your deity and meditate: meditation and prayer is key.  It helps the mind relax by removing the anxiety from your mind and thoughts and prayer is your guidance to better living by keeping in touch with your purpose and plan.  It’s similar to keeping in contact with your manager at work, he or she might recommend vacation to relax and based on your performance where you are heading.

· Jogging or walking: get the blood flowing more through your body and exercise.  There are a lot of YouTube videos that shows you how to do Pilates, Yoga (take deep breaths to release your worries, fears, and anxiety), and other great fitness techniques that keeps your body in shape.  Jog around your neighborhood, without feeling embarrassed about your weight because all of us have some kind of weight and size, and take shorter strides so you won’t run out-of-breath, and walk enjoy nature and the peace of the outdoor to have you keep a clear mind. Whether it’s for 20 to 30 minutes a day, you are on the move by getting your body back-in-shape to how you use to be.  Plus you have to keep up with your busy children.  There’s nothing wrong with keeping your figure, you’re worth the body of your beauty to flaunt and strut what you inherited.

·Massages and spas---go get yourself pampered.  You deserve to be treated like royalty with massages, facial masks, oil treatments and so much more.  My one best friend recommended me to try Massage Envy, and I loved it.  I felt  like I was floating in on clouds while those magical hands stimulated my muscles to relax.  Sometimes that one massage takes out all the kinks and the knots that you need gone and you’ll feel like a million bucks leaving.  However, make it a routine because your body needs relaxation, and it is the key of physical and mental well-being.

·Healthy eating—try new foods with less fat and sugar.  Try whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and smaller meals throughout the day.  I had a physical training instructor who advised me to eat every 2-3 hours similar to how we did  when we were babies.  We will eat more but with less food, so we cannot gain as much weight.  In addition, we’re eating not only for ourselves but for our children so we can live and stay around for when they become older.

·Ladies night and date night---if you’re married, have a date night at least twice month for your spouse and you.  If you’re not married and you’re either single or divorced, still go out.  There’s nothing wrong with you and don't feel guilty.  If you’re still breathing, walking, talking, etc, take your behind out.  You need to be away and hang out with grown people and have grown conversations.  You don’t want to only hang with your children and speak their language, it’s best to adapt to different levels to keep you in touch with your conversation skills as well as feeling free from family, and there’s nothing wrong with being a way for a couple of hours.  It’s good being around adults where you can learn different things like current events, catch up with friends, and seeing new trends in the industry.  Heck, it's best sometimes to be by yourself too because it's good to be around people and then be around yourself to learn thyself. :)

· Go out of town---even if it’s near by city to enjoy some shopping…that way you can find new clothes that may be nobody else has in your city.  It’s all about treating yourself to keep yourself looking and feeling great.

 Hopefully these are some great tips that will help you stay young and vibrant with full of energy for you and for your family.

 We find ourselves in a cycle of love for our families.  That’s why I created my logo for CEO-Mothers is to show how mothers give-up everything, if they need to, including the clothes off their back to give themselves away.  However, it’s time to re-evaluate our giving because we don’t want to give ourselves too much away where we are ignoring care for ourselves but giving our community, family and friends what they need and lose ourselves.  We have to live and be functional in order for our families to function too! We want to live to be here with our families.  Keep up the great work, and hopefully these tips can help you snap back in to YOU for your family.

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