Jennifer Sanger: Momprenuer & Fashion Designer
By: LaMeka Howard

     Jennifer Sanger, a mother, a wife, and a Mompreneuer—she’s GOT it!, is women that is passionate about fashion.  She hailed from Pennsylvania, born and raised by African parents, and was the middle child of five siblings. Wow must we say, a large family brings forth many different good fruit, and her fruit was fashion. 

     She discovered her love for fashion when she received hand-me-downs from her sisters, and when her parents didn’t believe in keeping up with the latest trends, she discovered her trend by improvising, creating, and redesigning the fabric to look stylish and current--her first attraction.   Her creativity didn’t stop because her curiosity attracted her to more types of fashion.  The second attraction was watching award shows to see the fabric, patterns, presentation, art, and look of designers and their vision, and her third attraction towards fashion was acquired by attending family functions seeing everybody’s attire and appeal.  She was amazed at their overall appearance, and knew this was her calling to pursue an ART that defines fashion and that’s creating a fashion statement that attract someone to be stylish.  She enjoyed restructuring pieces with her hands, and eventually when she was 16 years old, her mother invested into her future by purchasing a sewing machine. Thereafter, her hands couldn’t stop sewing, and she was creating what others thought was nothing anymore into something to explore.

Jennifer’s home, is as if you’re walking in to fashion class with her designs and fabric on the table, a mannequin in the corner with her design, push-pins holding them together, and samples of designs that she will be selling.   She is preparing herself for Columbus Fashion Show, while training interns in becoming the next fashion designer. Her son, Jamison, is upstairs her husband Matt, while her pitbull, and her daughter Bexley is running around the house.  Although there is a lot of activity, she is able to manage motherhood and business.

    She further advanced her craft with attending the Art Institute of York (AIY), PA to acquire her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Retail management for business.  Amazingly based on advice she received from AIY counselor, its school would support her endeavor, fashion, and it would teach her design; on the other hand, her classes were related specifically to business.  An art school that would teach Jennifer everything she needed to know from the basics of what is fashion, how you create it, and how do you get consumers to buy-in the product is what helped create her business today.  The days and nights of attending class, working on projects to research the type of product, fabric, and quality, the reason for the product, and how it will make a fashion statement so that others could be attracted birthed Philipped Fashions.  It is a fictional boutique in which she created.  It is women’s wear that focuses on creative clothing from sustainable and recycled fabrics.  This is a reminder of her former years, building her foundation from what she learned from clothes that were passed to her, and now she is able to connect that experience to her project.  It wasn’t new to her; instead, it was her laying bricks in to something greater than she could expected.  She was able to purchase clothing at thrift stores and second-hand shops to gather her pieces needed to create her design.  She excelled in the class, and eventually completing her 4-year degree. 

     Jennifer didn’t stop.  She had a vision to transitioning to Columbus, Ohio to further pursue her career in fashion.  Why Columbus?  She researched that Columbus is the 3rd largest city for fashion so she figured, why couldn’t she be part of that experience by joining a city that was thriving in her craft, so she said to herself, “Why not?”  Amazingly she took a leap of faith, and did it.

After a few years of working on Phlipped Fashions, with a culmination of other fashions and with Alternative Fashion Mob, open an opportunity for her to create a children’s online clothing boutique named, Jamison & Bexley, which was inspired by her son and her daughter’s names.

During this new adventure, there were obstacles she experienced and faced with not having the privilege and connections that other designers had in the city.  She didn’t have the support, guidance, and direction needed for starting her business, other than her education from college. In addition, not having her family conveniently located by her taught her strength, success, and perseverance.  She not only used talent and knowledge from her childhood experiences, but the information she acquired from college too.  Jennifer neither detour nor derailed her purpose.  Although these obstacles didn’t stop her from succeeding, it landed her the opportunity to complete 9 fashion shows, host pop-up shops, and be published in 3 magazines.  Matt has been her back-boned, and has seen and been through it all with her journey.  He has encouraged, inspired, and motivated her to be her best.  He has been a wonderful husband to her and a wonderful father to their children.

Jennifer enjoys volunteering in her community.  She volunteers her time at her local elementary school, Weinland Park, which is a back-to-school festival that helps give students’ supplies such as book-bags, pencils, folders, crayons, and paper.  This privilege gives her moments and time to connect with students and parents by making a difference in their lives.  Her words-of-wisdom is, “Hold your head high and keep doing what you’re doing.  It’s going to work out!”

If you would like to learn more about Jennifer and follow her work, you may follow her on Instragram @Jennifer.Sanger, follow her company Instagram @jamisonandbexley and on facebook at

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