Married with children...How to keep your career, family, and marriage ALIVE!

We said together at our wedding in front of our witnesses, our minister, and our God two committing words, “I do,” and now our lives have further flourished. We knew that our lives were going to change, but WOW it really has changed. Where did the romance go? Where did the laughter go? We’ve become serious and now our careers have become a priority. How can we bring it back home where it all began.

Man was it exciting right after saying I do then going to our reception where we cherished our union together. There was laughter, family, dancing, music, fun, memories built, friends, food, and a future that we’re excited to make together. Everyone having a great time, and sharing our moments of how we met and led up to this day of our happiness. Now let us move 5 years later, and it’s a different life. Where did it all go?

We made a family, have our careers, bought a beautiful home, have our durable cars, have a church Home, and built the American dream. However we now have fallen out of spending quality time together because of our busyness. How did we allow this to happen? I miss the night talks after putting the kids to bed or cooking dinner together on Sundays while listening to our favorite songs. I miss the hugs and kisses we shared before we went to work, or the romantic phone calls during lunch. I missed us going out as a family where we took pictures and had fun. I missed us taking turns reading to our children before they go to bed. Baby I want it all back. Well this is what we can do to keep our love alive:

Take time for one another—let’s have Friday or Saturday date night. It doesn’t always have to be romantic but fun. We can go out to eat, go ziplining, go horseback riding, go to a symphony, a play, a movie, friends house or painting, or anything that creates a spark and fire in us. Maybe we can have lunch together on times where we might have to work late.

Find someone to watch our children—we can have our close neighbors, friends, family, or church family to watch them. Let’s set some time to ask in advanced that way we have everything planned-out.

Write to one another—let’s leave love letters in the bathroom, car, kitchen or leave a voicemail with something sexy and precious to cherish. “I love you and want you baby.”

Spending time as a family—let’s take a road trip either once or twice a year. We can plan the time, the place and the activities.

Family meal time—we can grocery shop and plan a family meal where all of us can share the moment in preparing a meal together. We can chop and boil the vegetables, bake the meat, butter the rolls, the children can set the table, and we can conversation about our day.

Family picture—baby we have to do this too. Every year, let’s take a family photo to show how well our family is growing and how we are building our family. We can date it and have our signature last name on it to represent who we are.

Career--work hard but spend time with family too.  Let's advised our boss that we have family and we will be working efficiently and effectively and we'll be more than happy to meet deadlines and expectations.  In addition, we will build relationships and respond to all emails as soon as possible in case there are questions that needs to be addressed immediately.  We will partake in meeting the company vision as well as our vision at home by reading, learning, growing and living the cultural experience.

Let’s have family meetings—we can discuss what’s happening for the week with the family by setting an agenda, setting expectations, and showing our togetherness.

Enjoying friends and family—we can have family Sunday meal once a month to bring family together so we won’t lose touch on what the family is doing. We want our children to grow up knowing who their family is—we definitely don’t want them to be foreign to one another nor marrying one another lol. In addition we can have some time to hang out with friends and share moments of family, fun and current events. Since they have children too make it a fun Friday family night by going skating or bowling.

Alone Time--Now we may need our alone time, so we can choose to have a moment to ourselves by one of us taking the children out and one of us having time for ourselves to rejuvenate. We can have that time to read, work-out at the gym-, hang-out with friends, and just relaxing. We need this to have fuel for ourselves, and our family in order to thrive. If we’re not together then how will our family be together. We have to feel good and refreshed.

Spend time with God—we can pray together and ask God for His strength. We need His support to keep us together and aligned with His word so we can live a prosperous life.

Overall, I don’t want us to miss-out on us by allowing work and time to pass us by because it’s about family, fun, marriage, God and faith. Let us stay creative so our love will never go out of style.  When I married you, I married all of you. Let us help one another with this partnership and union that we agreed upon. I don’t want to lose the love we started because it felt so good and it is still good. We made a beautiful family, we have a strong relationship with God, and we have a beautiful home. Let’s not allow our careers to get in the middle of what we’re creating and that’s a happy ever after relationship.

Be blessed and highly favored.

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