Motherhood Position is a Resume: Yasss!

Are any of you thinking, why didn’t I think of this before?  Well now, think about it hard because it’s encouraged to use how we manage our households on our Resume and in our interviews.  It is a full-time career with fringe benefits and rewards.

Since we as mothers wear so many different hats, we could include some of our responsibilities, challenges, and tasks that we do for our households.  It’s the way we convey the information during our interview that could create a WIN-WIN situation for us as mothers and definitely the interviewer will BUY-In to the technique.  Typically on our resume there may be previous job references; however, include close references of persons who knows your family.  This could help boost support because they know how our houses are managed and how our family react to management—CEOMothers.  This is about trying something new, but be diligent and vigilant about it.  For instance we could include how we manage family, talk about time management, and talk about how we handle challenging situations as they arise.  Do we panic or do we stay calm in the midst of it.  How do we react in front of family and friends is something doesn’t work in our favor?  Do we still carry-on or do we react negatively?   In addition, with time management, how is time managed especially if there are multiple appointments, engagements and other invites that needs to be completed for family, friends or ourselves.  How is time managed for when chores will done around the house, cooking, cleaning, gardening, cutting the grass, etc.  Are the children involved to show team work or doing all of these responsibilities and tasks managed and done by oneself. 

Overall, try it to see how well it can be incorporated in to your conversation, especially if some of our mothers are home makers or first time mothers preparing for the workplace.

Be blessed and highly favored.


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