Mothers: Our Story; Your Story (Same but Different)

We may say to ourselves: I am only one person, but I have many roles to play.  I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a friend, I am a sister, I am a teacher to my children, I am a wife, I am an aunt, I am a cousin, I am a church-member, I am a worker, I am a house-cleaner, I am an investor, I am an event planner (for birthday parties, for family events, and for other important calendar events), I am a counselor, and many other roles, but I am only, one person.  Although I have many roles as being one person, what matters the most is God, YOU, and family.  When you are in order everything else will follow.  It's tiring to do and to be so many roles, as playing in movies and in plays; however, nothing takes the best role of being a mother.  The art of being a mother is determination and dedication.  It's challenging yet rewarding.  

There are mothers who are hungry to succeed and waiting for a powerful antidote to provide a microwave success and a magic wand to disappear their worries, anxieties and fears.  Know that your motherhood is not going to stop you from receiving the blessing that will be given unto you.  One concept to realize is the game of Life doesn't offer anything easy.  Instead it offers hard work, prayer, goal-setting, patience, and determination.  It's important that mothers stay supportive because we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no vacation, sick-time, personal-time, and me time.  We work from sun up to sun down, and we juggle a lot giving our all on the job, coming home to cook, spend-time with family, trying to meet and attend our children's functions, and still managing to keep the house clean and pay bills and find time to rest.  Wow does this cycle ever stop?  Believe me it's making our heads spin, but your dizziness hasn't knock you down yet.  

For our younger mothers and new mothers, you are never alone.  Don't think your journey of life is over because you are having an expected and unexpected pregnancy, instead, embrace  God and how he has chosen you for a purpose and for a beautiful gift you are getting ready to or have already birth in to this world.  Your life is just beginning.  We encourage you not to allow these small beginnings hinder you from receiving the blessing of being a mother, and what it has not only been brought to you, your household, your community, your schools, and your neighborhood, but to the world.

Hopefully every one of you will be able to learn something significant from this website, and use it to your advantage to succeed.  Rest assured this website is not here to preach, to judge, to interrogate, to degrade and to hinder you from learning and owning what's yours. However, we're here to encourage and inspire you to prevail.  Here are a series of stories that may relate to your life or you may have known someone who may have experienced these situations.  Once you've read all of the series of stories and you think someone can benefit from them, definitely share this web-page to inspire someone else.

Baby Surprise: Yes or No?

The precious moment you discovered that you were going to be a mother may  have been exciting, frightening, but yet rewarding.  You first say to yourself, "Am I really pregnant?"  "Let me take a pregnancy test to make sure."  Some of you may even say, "Oh  my goodness, I am going to be a mommy, but wait, what is he, the father, going to think or say?"  We start gathering our words for this momentous time of surprising the soon-to-be-dad with the BABY news that "I am pregnant" or "WE'RE pregnant."  Some of us even go the extra mile by beating-around-the-bush and say, "Well honey I missed a month," or "Honey I took a pregnancy test," and he's looking at you like, "and what does this mean," in man terms.  She then turns around and gives him the big news.  Once the news has been released...extra extra let's wait for a response and action.  Hopefully and prayerfully he'll be as happy as you or instead even MORE than you.  He starts to be excited with you and then he realizes...."I have to get a better job; we have to get a bigger house," and starts saying on these futuristic goals praying that they all will come true.  Well those are what we called the REAL men right ladies??  On-the-other-hand, you have the other men, some of us may call them little boys, and they might say, "Who is helping you take care of it, or is it mine?"  "I'm not ready for no kids; I'm not ready to be a father, and I am definitely not ready to be family and married man."  What did your ears just hear?  What?  You were ready to act like we're married, so what's the difference.  Just wash your hands and keep it moving.  Here come the tears, the anger, and the fear of becoming a mother and a single-mother at that, and don't you be a teenage mother because that'll make the situation worse.  Huh, I think that was worse or the thought that if you're still a teenager and your parents find out about it, it may be the end-of-the-world, so on that note, "You better run."  No really don't run.  Just pray your parents will understand, and not be ashamed of you and your unborn baby. Ummm may be the married wife with a husband who is ready to take his family to the next level is better or is he the man that is domestically controlling where you have been beaten and afraid to leave because nobody else will take you in to stay.   Is he always being deployed, and you worry about the fear of him never returning?  What is it that motherhood is or isn't offering you that you want a more abundant life?  

Nevertheless, all of us as women may feel some kind of way where we want reassurance that it's going to be okay.  We want reassurance that this pregnancy is not a mistake, but a blessing in the skies.

We want to be great mothers, so we want to do what we can to protect what belongs to us, and that can be done as long as mothers are willing to contribute, read, listen, and learn the game of true motherhood.

The Life Inside that Changes You:

The moment you realize a life is being formed every month, in you, until the day of birth, allows your body to process change and become familiar with change.  This change doesn't only positively affect the changes in your life, but affect bodily proportions: our breast enlarges, we have morning sickness of the foods our bodies can no longer tolerate; we smell food a 100 miles away whether it smells good or bad; we have an appetite like a Blue Whale; Don't miss asking for extra pickles or it'll be a nightmare...crunch, crunch.  There may be times of short temperament especially around having your space (since it's already being shared with your new bundle of joy that's demanding more space for his/her body to grow); frequent restroom breaks, unexpected stretch marks (as reminders of what was created from you), and many other unforgettable changes that may endure.  During this change, it's not going to be easy because there's a lot of preparation, dedication, commitment, attitude, discipline and perseverance that releases from you in order to be ready for what is to come: your baby. This precious baby never asked to come into the world, but with your ground decision, changed not only you, but the entire world.  This life that's in you is not a mistake, including you, so be ready to face your bodily changes because once life has been pushed-out of you, those bodily changes can not TOP the purpose of the LIFE you are contributing to the WORLD: another greatest GIFT well-packaged from you.

Get Baby Motherly Manual: Not!

When your baby is birthed in to this world, you think: I got this; I am going to be a great mom; I am going to dress my baby in the finest apparel; I am going to be the Kardashians, the Hiltons, The Cosby's, the Full House, the Brady Bunch, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, George Lopez Show and other roles and segments we see on television, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Reality shows and in magazines.  Hence, you realize that these different channels may be or may be not your current story, but how can you develop your own story that you can see that may influence and change the world.  

You may  have read a lot of books providing insightful information on what to expect before and after pregnancy thinking wow, I have all the information I need; however, suddenly in life, that all changes.  Where in the book does it advise you on how to balance motherhood and marriage?  Where does it advise you to balance yourself and baby?  Where does it advise you to have financial security versus hardship, ladies-night-out, family sickness, true marriage, absent fathers, distant friends and relatives, deployed spouse, divorced mothers, teen mothers, career changes, widowed mothers, and position lay-offs?   Where is help when you don't even have help for your-self?  How can you keep the family dream alive when you feel that your situation is dead?  Where is the chapter that tells you that you may lose friends?  Where does it tell you that it's not going to be easy, but rewarding?  Where does it help you to know if you were to become a home-maker that people may treat you indifferently, nonetheless, instead of viewing you as courageous mother, family-committed and oriented, and family prioritized?  Where does it say that I had a baby before marriage, I am divorced, I've been abused, my children are suffering, my bills cannot be paid, I cannot afford childcare anymore, I don't have enough for formula, and diapers?  My wife or my husband doesn't understand our life situation?  Where does it help you as  a young teen or young mother that's crying out for support educationally , spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, motherly, and physically?  Where is the community of women that has the healing experience that can offer their time by giving back?  Where is the book of "the What-ifs" so you can better prepare from mistakes, mishaps, and unavoidable memories?  There may be great books out there that you may never heard of, but how can we reach them in real-time to someone who needs it NOW?  

It's not about class, color, gender, race, and creed, but about mothers that agree of becoming a mother either biologically or by adoption.

Why CEO-Mothers:

Here is a place of not only a community of excellence, but of real-life situations.  We are a community of women that have come in to agreement of either birthing, adopting, fostering, or God-mothering our greatest gifts of mother-hood  and sacrificing (not in a negative way) ourselves to be all that we can be for not only ourselves but for our family too. It's about passing the torch to younger ladies, so they can be the next generation that leads are women's future to greatness and our children to prosperity.  It's about us assisting our mothers with love, education, stories, knowledge, empowerment, family, friendship, partnership, relationship, and resources that will help every type of women's situation successfully.  If there's a past of which you've struggled and endured, and you've overcome it, it's time to pass the torch by making sure the next mother in the marathon to have a better life's journey that can go farther from where you were able to reach. 

CEO-Mothers Learn and Share:

Take this time to view the various content and stories that unfolds and reveals the lives of true every-day women that are in position of being CEOs of their families.  This is your CEO hand-book/manual that is about stories, community, your voice, your purpose, your position, and the people we serve: God, ourselves, family, work, and friends.  The moments of courage, family strength, persistence, prayer, advice and courage is CEO-Mothers enablers of a success.  We are created to be: women of excellence that is fearfully (respectably) and wonderfully made.

We are the mother of nations like Sarah in the Bible; we are the Rachel's of a barren womb; we are the Proverbs 31 woman that's virtuous, financially wise, the back-bone of support, and women that take risks.  We are nurturers, advisers, counselors, barrier-breakers, accountants, trainers, business owners, world-changers, and bottom-line movers of everything.  We are the helper of men when they cannot see the good in anything.  We are the overseers, doers, workers, and paper-pushers.  We invest in others that don't see investment in themselves.  We are cheerleaders, teachers, and parents of our children's failures and successes.  We are the back-bone of seeing more in the fields than so these fields can produce more.  We are the strength where there's weakness...we are the foundation of sky-scraping minds; we are the delegates, the role-players, the cooks, the chaueffers, the PTA mothers, the doctors, the nurses, the after-hour workers from work.  We are the tree-of-life that flourishes the ground to move, the tree that has branches, and the tree that makes leaves. Who are we: WE are CEO-Mothers that are building a strong institution of family.  Like Beyonce, the former singer of Destiny Child's, sings "Who Runs the World?"  We do.


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