2018: New Year; New You; Yasss!!

2018 is here!! And it’s a season of a new beginning.  It’s your premier of a new moment in your life that’s getting ready to shine with the stars.  Your brightness will set a glow like the moon shines at night and like the sun that brightens our day for everyone to notice the welcoming of what’s getting ready to happen in your life.  It’s a time to push forward and don’t allow last year’s challenging situations impede you from succeeding for this year.  Who said that because you didn’t get to finish what you started last year couldn’t be finish or continued this year?  God is in control of your destiny.   It’s not too late to finish what you’ve started.  Start from where you left off, and then look at it every day.  Keep moving forward. 

When it’s the beginning of a new year, life seems new, refreshed, and pleasant; however, when the middle of the year comes, that energy subsides and life comes at you fast.  Where did the desire, aspiration, or energy go?  What cause you to stop dreaming or reaching towards the prize?  Is it family?  Is it your weight?  Is it your job?  Is it school?  Is it friends?  Is it life?  Is it your relationship?  Is it pain and misery?  What caused you to derail from what matters most to you?  What happen in your year that you no longer wanted to survive?  Whatever is gluing you to remain stagnate is a lie.  It’s not where you are supposed to be in life.  You have a greater good in you.  You have something that needs to be exposed. 

This year, take Shonda Rhimes advice, Television Screenwriter, author, and Producer of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, “Write.”  She encourages you to write for 10, 20, 30 minutes at a time.  Thereafter review what you’ve written and continue from your last word.  Use that pen and paper to your advantage.  Don’t be afraid of them, they are you best writing tool friends.  They both need your thoughts and your inspiration and you need them to store your message, so that someone benefit from your words and be amazed at what you’ve written.  Acknowledge your gift, embrace your passion, and live your life to the fullest every day.  If you don’t want to write it, do it, and by you doing it ever day, you’re living it.   Family doesn’t stop you from accomplishing your dreams, YOU do.  Finances don’t stop you from achieving financial freedom, YOU do.  School doesn’t define what you’re capable of doing, YOU do.  Friends’ opinions are not your reality, it’s YOUR opinion.  Happiness is not received by material things, YOU make your happiness.  Fame doesn’t make you glamorous, YOU ARE already glamorous.  You are the fruit of success, just bear it and watch it spread. 

In conclusion, every year marks a new page, a new chapter, a new story in your life.  You are the creator of it.  Allow your family to see the greatness in you on how you manage pressure, how you manage life, how you handle conflict, how you manage your finances, how you set goals and check them off your list, how you bring family together, how you serve your community, and how you succeed in everything you do.  Show them that life can bring good times and bad times, but through it all, it’s the content of your character, from the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, mentioned, and you can be the exhibit you want to see in the world.

Stay motivated, take a picture of what you want, look at it every day, and do it.  It’s never too late.  Your story has not ended, it’s only getting better.  You can be Dr. Jen Welter, the first female NFL coach; You can be Mary Kay, Founder of Mary Kay skin-care products, you can be Mary McLeod Bethune the Founder of and what is now Bethune-Cookman College, you can be Mary Erodoes, the CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase’s Asset Wealth Management, you can be Carol Evans, Founder of Working Mother Magazine and so much more.  Yes these are great roles to receive, but you can do it with perseverance and determination.  No matter the challenges you face you have the final say.  Speak life, and then “Stop, drop, and pray…” Mark Batterson says in his book titled, The Circle Maker.  Allow your children to see the good, the bad, and the ugly because when they see how you handle it, will make them stronger to conquer anything as Maureen Little did for her two sons, Aryton and Alex.  They were accepted to Harvard and Stanford, and no matter what their living condition was, they kept their eyes on the prize and appreciate their mother’s strength on keeping them humble and focus on the prize: education.

If you are still breathing, keep living, and following your dreams.  This is a new year, a new you, YASSS, and a new life with overflowing blessings.

CEOMothers have your back with love, prayer, grace, encouragement, and peace.

Love you, and Happy New Year!


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