Confessions before New Year's Resolution
by: LaMeka Howard

Every year we are preparing to set another Year of a New Year’s Resolution (NYR) of what we either want to do or what we want to change. We are excited that we can restart and change something differently from what we’ve experienced from the previous year; however when you look back, do you see the difference? Has anything changed? Are you still in this vicious cycle of why it doesn’t look like your not accomplishing anything? Well, here are some tips that may be able to assist us in transforming our lives in a new direction:

Confess your weakness by speaking to break loose from it

Say it out loud. It’s best to go outside in an open space such as a park, a trail, at a lake, at a beach or near a mountain to speak your confession. After speaking it, then know that it’s in the atmosphere; however, you’re getting ready to shift the land by speaking something behind it that will change what you spoke.  By you speaking it, you were able to hear it echo.  The ground trembled.  You were able to release your fears that prevented you from taking a leap; you have been able to come back from temporary set-backs; you have released your vicissitudes that you thought would never end; you are able to matriculate in college and one day graduate; you will be able to raise your children for the next generation to lead; you will be able to find the career you always wanted; you will be able to save and spend less; you will be able to spend wisely and not poorly;  you will be able to exercise and not worry about eating brownies from the plate; you will be able to accomplish your goals and not let anything derail you from it; you will break giants and they will fall; you will no longer in bondage. You have set free what’s been crippling you to achieve change.  Chains have been broken that’s been holding you down, and know the key has unlocked your future and it’s waiting for you.

Confess your weakness by writing

When you write your confession, you’re able to see it and understand the reason it was holding you back, and now you can think and act differently so when you see what was holding you back, you’ll know how to confront it so it doesn’t happen again.

Plant your mustard seed

Once you’ve done these two things, now you’ll be able to plant your mustard seed by speaking and writing your NYR. You’re able to speak it, see it and hear it. The only thing left is to do it. There is a motion in place and your the motion.

Year of Family

This year CEOMothers is encouraging not to only make your individual NYR for 2019, hence, include your family. For the next 12 months we are celebrating family each month and the title for this year’s monthly celebration is: All About Family.

Celebrate Family

We are celebrating family because we want families to be strong, to be successful, to spend quality time with one another, to have a vision, to be close, to be positive, and to build for future generations to come.

CEOMothers encourages you to write down and to speak in the atmosphere what you would like your family to accomplish, and then govern yourselves accordingly for it to pass. What vision do you have for your family? How do you plan for your family to live? What do you want your family to be known for? What is your family offering to society? What is your brand and your brand promise?

We are here with you, and know that you can do it. All about Family is starting something new in knowing what your family’s history, how your living the continuous purpose of family, and what you foresee for your family.

We hope this resonates in your heart what you want to see from your family and what you want the world to gain from your family. Who do we see in the industry now as a family: the Obamas, the Kardashians, the Jackson Five, the Kennedy’s, Serena Williams, the Royal Family, Will and Jada, and so many more families that may have influenced society. What do these families represent and why? Is your family next?

Build what you want to see in the world and help us bring families closer together!

Happy New Year!

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