Sarah Breedlove: Madam C.J. Walker

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I was reading a story about Sarah Breedlove, today known as Madam C.J. Walker, who was the maker of the Hot Comb and other skin-care and hair products.

She believed that every position that you take in life is a stepping stone to get you to your destination.  She worked in the field, she worked cleaning houses,  she cooked in kitchen; she cleaned the bathrooms and so much more. Some of us might say, “I wouldn't do that,” while she said I will and she was never embarrassed of what she had to do; however it was teaching her character,  hard-work, determination and perseverance.

For every position she had taught her how to create and build her own business, her hair company, and how to build working relationships with people.  She built a hair business empire, employed women, similar to Mary Kay, and she was the first Black Woman Millionaire.  She understood how woman wanted healthy long hair, so she studied it and found a solution.

If she challenged herself to never give up, while being a mother, then I challenge you to never to give up. Keep pressing on and know that you can do it too! Don’t be embarrassed or feel that you've been setback because that's going to build you with a comeback.

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