Sarah Jakes-Roberts Juggles Family Responsibilities

CEOMothers Sarah Jakes-Roberts she about how she is only one woman but where many hats to take care of her family! Click the Instagram link and enjoy the read!

Typed by Sarah Jakes-Roberts from Instagram.

I currently look nothing like this picture. As a matter of fact I look so different from this picture that one could possibly question whether or not it’s even the same person. My hair is all over my head, my feet are barefoot and possibly in need of lotion, my edges are so far from laid I think a drill sergeant yelled and said, “Attention!”, no makeup, no gloss, no fancy nails...but I worked out four times this week, cooked for my family all week, ministered, prepping to speak, paid bills, did interviews, picked up and dropped off kids to school, dentists, etc, etc, etc.... My point is that sometimes being superwoman means you look like you ran through a building not like you’re ready to walk a runway. 

Sometimes we don't look like what we're going through, especially if we hold it well.  Sarah has done a good job, leading by example, by looking good and carrying herself for her and her family well.  CEOMothers we carry the gene of success and to juggle and to wear many hats just as she did in her story.

Be blessed and highly favored.

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