Sheree Alexis: Chicago's Finest, Stay-at-Home-Mom, Wife, & Fashion Designer Work From Home

"Find something you’re passionate about besides your kids. Find something for you, so you won’t tap out...”  Sheree Alexis

by LaMeka Howard

October 2019

Roots: Chicago, the city of the deep dish pizza, the Windy City, the city abbreviated as Chi-Town, the city of culture, the city of fine arts, the city of festivities, the money-making city, and the city of the Skyscraper buildings is where Chicago's finest Mrs. Alexis Sheree Carter was born. She is also known, by her clients, as Sheree Alexis (Fashion Designer), and she has a twin sister, an older brother and an older sister.

Childhood: When she and her siblings were growing up in Chicago, it was a place of warmth and of community. Her parents were loving, supportive, and provided the guidance she and her siblings needed in order to succeed. Her neighbors, the people within her community, were deeply rooted in "It-takes-a-village-to-raise-a-child," and parents built relationships with parents to ensure safety, security and community for their children. She remembered a dear woman who was in her twenties with children, provided invaluable wisdom, spent quality time with her and acted as a mentor.  In addition she advised Sheree to be watchful of her behavior, and to be mindful about her character too.

High SchoolWhile attending high school at Hyde Park Academy, her dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer during her Sophomore year and passed away during her Junior year.  She was 17 years old. Her father had a passion for Alexis to be in the medical field, and his hope was for her to become a Pediatrician.  Although her mother no longer had the love of her life, she had the love and the support of her family and children. Sheree's brother and uncle positioned themselves as father figures for her and for her sister.  By the glory of God, the twins pressed on and graduated from Hyde Park Academy in 2003 with 3.5 grade point averages. They both went on to attend college.  

College: In 2003, Alexis attended Central State University (CSU) in Wilberforce, OH, a Historical Black College University, where she studied Biology. She decided to pursue a biology degree to fulfill her father’s dream of her becoming a Pediatrician. She continued to study in this major but decided this was not her passion. She understood the importance of living her father’s dream, however, it wasn’t her dream.  She successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2008. Due to her wanting to stay in the health field, she attended Wright State University and received her Master's degree in Public Health with a minor on Health Promotion and Education.

Below left: Sheree's sorority sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Delta Kappa Chapter.  

When she attended CSU, Alexis noticed a group of young ladies strolling and stepping.  (She had a flash-back moment of a Different World, an 80's Black college sitcom scene of female students pledging to be part of a Greek organization).  Her curiosity grew to know more about these ladies that strolled the campus of CSU.  She highly spoke more about them, in the library, in a medium size study room with four white walls, and leans forward with her hands crossed on the table and her voice elevated to a higher pitch of excitement and described them as “fly, they had swag, they were cool, and kicking it,” and she started doing more research on them. One thing that was admired about the organization is the call, and her sisters would know that their sister was with them or nearby. That is amazing. She admired their sharpness, class, style, poise, and character, and it influenced her to be part of best sorority ever, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Delta Kappa Chapter.

Bottom right: Alexis picture with her Sands.

The Pledge: She pledged to become a Delta and crossed in the Spring of 2006 with 8 other ladies known as her Sands. She holds DST dear to her heart, and she was able to gain more sisters where they’ve added valuable experiences to one another and to their community.

Bottom right: Sheree and her husband at their reception.

Love UnitedSheree met her husband at CSU in 2007.  Thereafter, she moved to Columbus, OH in 2013, and they married in January 2015 before the birth of their first child that was born March 2015.

The Proposal: In their hearts they knew they were meant for each other but she was afraid to take that step so in August of 2014 they discovered they were pregnant and that was confirmation for her. She always knew and had dreams of marrying Ralph and he being the father of her children.  He proposed to her at his Family Reunion in Tennessee in the presence of their family and friends. Her family came from Chicago and were hiding in the bathroom before the proposal.  As Ralph was announcing the pregnancy news, her nephew walked out singing John Legend’s song titled, “All of me” and that’s when her then boyfriend got down on one knee, professed his love and asked her “Will you marry me?”  She cried and then she said “Yes.”  It was all in perfect timing. They met in college, moved to Columbus, Ohio, found out they would be welcoming their first child together, he proposed and the rest is history--a wonderful Hallmark of events.

They planned their wedding in three weeks.  They had a small intimate wedding on January 24, 2015 witnessed by close family members and friends. 

Left: Sheree Alexis on the red carpet posing for her wedding picture. Right, Sheree, her husband, and their son at their vowel renewal wedding in 2016.   Bottom right: Sorors of DST at the reception.

Their MarriageMarriage is going well, their first and second son were born, and Alexis became a stay-at-home-mom.  The couple agreed to not put their sons in daycare. While she was at home, motherhood called: the cooking, the cleaning, the nursing, the changing of diapers, and doing laundry, and by that the time her baby’s nap came it was time for relaxation. She would watch popular reality shows, her favorite was, Housewives of Atlanta, but it became a habit.  Her time was valuable, so she thought to herself, “I have to do something,” and that was creating bow ties. She wanted to use her time wisely. 

She found her niche and that was creating and sewing bow ties.  In the beginning it wasn’t to start a business but to have a unique style for her and for her son. Her skirts would match his bow ties and they would step out with swag. Thereafter, her hands were working more than just for her family, but for making African-print dresses and skirts.  She was blessed to receive her sister’s sewing machine, and her creativity flourished. Her husband’s support was remarkable, and she used that as fuel to keep moving forward. He encouraged her to start her business, and from there her talent took off. Instead of watching reality tv, she was going through training by watching Youtube sewing videos.  Sheree Alexis, the Fashion Designer, was born. She went from making bow ties, to making skirts, to making shirts to making jackets, and a multitude of pieces.  Sewing for other people is what God has revealed for her to do.  She expanded her skill set to something broader and different.  

Below left: Sheree, her husband and their sons at TRCB Launch Party

In 2019, The Ralph Carter Bowtique(TRCB), an infant inspired bowtie  line, was featured on Good Day Columbus and Alexis thought this was the perfect time to relaunch the bowtique. On September 21, 2019 she relaunched her sons bowtique. The bowtique features boy to adult bowties and girls hairbows. The set-up was amazing with rainbow color decorations, the red-carpet, Black-cloth chairs, DJ, models, family, friends, and sponsors to support the business.  The dining was amazing with Alfredo pasta, beverages, and assorted dessert tray.  All of the guest were excitedly waiting for the moment of the children to model in TRCB.  Alexis was dressed in a custom sequin skirt she made and a white TRCB t-shirt with denim jacket as she directed the models on stage.

The little boys walked the run-way first as they wore different clothing styles that will complement the bow ties and the little girls wore their pretty hair bow ties to match their dresses.  They were smiling and having a great time.  After the party, guests had the opportunity to purchase bow ties, hair bows and TRCB back bags.  They were in multiple colors with their Logo in front of the bags.  

Left: adult and little boy models photo posing at TRCB Bowtique Launch Party.  Right: little girl models photo posing with the TRCB hair bows for TRCB Bowtique Launch Party.

Alexis announced her family’s book that’ll be published next year, that was originally created from their Facebook family conversations that’s enjoyed by their followers, and now it’s going to be transferred in to a book titled, “The Carter Boys Chronicles.”  

Above left: The Carter Boys Chronicles book and above right: Sheree Alexis promoting their book at her TRCB Launch Party.

This is not the end for her and for her family.  She and her husband have one daughter (their newborn baby) and they have two sons, she has two businesses, one with her name Sheree Alexis, and one for TRCB, and they are publishing their first book--what a beautiful journey. She is persistent on making her lines a world renowned name.

Words of Wisdom: Alexis advises mothers to "Find something you’re passionate about besides your kids.  Find something for you, so you won’t tap out.”  

TRCB: Sheree’s website is where you can find her work, inspiration, her shop, place orders and the Ralph Carter Bowtique collection.

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