Singled With Children...Am I Still Wholesome for a Man?

Girl let me tell you. YES YOU ARE, and don't let anyone tell you differently.  If you have a sound mind, breath in your body, and your still alive, you are open to your future Mr. Right. Don’t worry about not having a man right now because God created him for you, and you were not created to be alone. You were created for him, someone who will love you, protect you, provide for you and your children, prophet over you, grow with you, and so much more.

Don’t allow your loneliness to grow in to bitterness because you haven’t found your love/soulmate yet.  It will hinder the opportunity for him to come. Continue to live a purposeful life for you and for your children. Live life with the fullest by still taking care of your daily responsibilities, taking good care of your children, taking good care of yourself and planning for your future. When you continue not to miss a beat in the midst of your time being single, God will draw the man that was created for you come closer in your path.

He will watch how you take care of business, how you carry yourself, how you love your children, how you take care of your household, how the content of your character is, how you model in your clothes, how you gleaned behind the reapers, how you prepare yourself daily, how you interact with people, how you make decisions, how you love and respect others, how you take care of your financial well-being, how you take care of yourself and health, how you care and love people for people, how you manage confusion, how you carry a genuine conversation, and how you treat family and friends.

You are single for the moment because God is preparing you on how well you can be alone by knowing yourself. Don’t look at you girlfriends thatuj are married and compare that you don’t have anyone yet or say “that’s not fair, or how did she get married before me, or damn can I have someone just like him,”  That’s a delay. Instead look to them for guidance on how well they interact in their marriage so it can help you prepare for your Mr. Right. Know that God will help you discover your opportunities and help you with self-development and constructive development. He will help release your struggles out of you, including your baggage that weighs you you down, so when Mr. Right comes, you won’t be dragged but you’ll be lifted up. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Do I really want and need a man now in my life?” “If he were to be in my life, am I ready for a partnership?” “Would I be willing to try something new?” “Would I be willing to compromise and understand things with a different perspective?” “Would I be open-minded and willing to look beyond his faults and past experiences?” “What kind of standards do I have and why?” “Is he willing to accept me and my children?” “Has he shown me that he is willing to commit and show dedication that he wants or has a vision for you and your children?” “What has he proven or demonstrated that in his life for you and your children?” “Is he open to you and your thoughts and concerns?” “”Are you both good listeners?” “What are you both bringing to the table to share with one another?” “What sacrifices are being made for the both of you?” Think in those things that are good and not evil when contemplating on whose right for you.

Sometimes when we think things through we may be holding our past to our present and future. Do you think that’s the right thing to do? Is it going to move you from you current circumstance? Is it going to better you? If not let it go, and forgive what happened. Create a new chapter to your story by starting your life with something new for you and your children. Don’t allow the previous man’s junk keep you from receiving what good is coming to you. If he wasn’t a bad man, learn what you did wrong and change situation for the next time around. Keep an open mind to a new adventure that’s not going to bring negativity but positivity in your life. A man doesn’t want to bear something he cannot help change. Set the atmosphere. Create a welcome environment so when he approaches you, you won’t run him away. How many times you slipped up and said something smart like, “you just want sex,” or ask “what do you want from me?” Or “how many woman do you have?” We’ll take out those pre-conceived notions about what he’s thinking and doing because our thoughts could be wrong. In addition not all men are alike and each brings something different and could be useful.

Know that God is your pilot, and He has given you the tools and the resources to prosper. He will appoint the one who is created for you once you made a decision that you don’t mind having someone in your life to share more moments and have memories with that God has for you and not you finding it yourself. Don’t exclude your children because they’ll sense too when someone is right or wrong for you.

Always remember you’re never to old to get married and build a family, and for the moment it’s okay to be single. Know thyself first and allow someone to be part of you to help bring out the best in you. If Abraham and Sarah had a family at an old age and build generations like the sand from their seeds, why can’t you? Don’t run the one away that is good to you. If you don’t know pray and ask God to reveal Him to you. He’ll show you, but make sure you are fully prepared just like a resume!

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