Single, Student Loans, Children...I Need to Work!

Have you been stuck in a situation where you need money, you need work, and childcare all at once? Have you tried to find a job but only receive low pay grade that doesn’t mount to what you’ve accomplished through previous employment or from school? Well don’t give up because you will receive what you’ve greatly earned; however you have to wait for it. It’ll come!

You have just finished college and decided that you want to find a career based on what your major is in; however you have been declined over and over or you’ve had the opportunity to employment but the pay grade didn’t fit your families need. You started calculating your expenses including childcare and found that it just isn’t enough. You asked yourself, “What am I going to do?” You feel as though you’re stuck, but have done all you can to make ends-meet and to do right by your family. It’s like I am stuck and don’t know how to get out. It seems as though nothing is working and the only solution is to go back to school, get another degree, live off student loans, apply for public assistance and live your life that way.

Going back to school is great, and have a master plan while doing it. A degree is a strong statement of discipline, persistence, and perseverance.  If you know that this degree is going to bring growth for you and your family do it.  However don't do it just to receive loans to live. 

If you didn’t get the career that you’re looking for, don’t give up; keep going.  How you can do this is my applying for the jobs that you’re interested in and that fits your character, values, strength, culture and experience. Ask someone to help you with a resume or with your existing resume. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because you never know it may help you to where you need to be in life. If you didn’t get the job immediately, advice that was given to me was ask the recruiter if there are other positions that match your skill-set and start from there if there are opportunities. If you didn’t get the position you want but for something else and it has lesser pay, take it and work your way up. Use the skills that you have and build them just like a company builds from their successes. Dress for the position that you want and not for what your in. Talk as if you’re in the position that you want while you’re in the position you’re in because you never know you might be discovered. Work hard and earn respect for what you do. Set a plan and a goal for you and for your family and look at it every day. The more you look at it, the more it’ll come to life. I learned a a science museum at COSI in Columbus, Ohio that if you want something and you make an effort to rehearse it or look at it everyday, you will start seeing it more and it’ll eventually come to life. You’ve been stuffed with greatest by God so let those treasures be found by the course of map in your life. Someone will find you and what your worth for the community and to their organizations. Like Steve Jobs says, “Hire people to tell you what to do instead of you telling them what to do.” You will make such an impression that you’ll be a hot commodity for the organization.

You don’t have to go back to school just to live off student loans to survive; work until you have the position desired. If it’s at McDonalds flip burgers, make drinks, cook fries, take orders, clean the eating area, wash the windows, take inventory and treat each position as if you are moving your way up through the organization. Each trade can be worth something for your future because you’ve learned it, done it, and mastered it. It can prepare you for a major role with more pay for your future. Based on your character, you can build relationships and people will take notice of your diligence.

Connect with woman that are re-latable to you that have overcome their situation and are now making it. Ask for encouragement and guidance, and they will help you conquer what you need. Rest assured there’s nothing wrong with going to school but don’t let this be a crutch where you can not prevail. The end result would be paying for continuous student loans and you don’t want that to hold you captive. If you were to find something in your degree then great work. I commend you and your efforts. You’re doing a great job, and we don’t want to overlook what you are striving to do and become. I hear mothers a lot taking this step, but encourage them of their options so they’re not depending on this last resort of they cycle if school and student loans.

Get assistance and receive help until you can get on your feet. Keep looking online for a job that will meet your individual need. Go to seminars in your local area where you can network, connect and share experiences and best practices because it may open a door for you to prosper. Don’t be ashamed, look at your situation as if it’s only temporary not forever. You WILL MAKE it. Just believe. Every time you do something, look at your children and know there is something worth more to survive and to succeed, and it’s surely not failure. That’s not your name nor your calling and definitely not your situation. You have so much more to gain and it will come to pass!

Be blessed highly favored!


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