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CEO-Mothers Founder and CEO, LaMeka Howard, has over 22 years of serving her customers' and clients' needs in a call center and corporate environment, serving in church, serving the homelessness, facilitating and serving as a trainer in a corporate environment, and participated in Toastmaster International and has won several Toastmaster speeches.   She has trained close to one thousand participants, and she is passionate about training and speaking to her audience.  

She is a great motivational speaker, inspirational messenger, corporate motivator, and a powerful influencer that assists and guides ordinary people to be extraordinary people and to fulfill their dreams and their calling, so they can live a purposeful life.  If there's a message, training material, or presentation that your organization needs conveyed, she'll be more than happy to partner with your organization to see how she can accommodate its request.  She is also passionate about inspiring not only men and women, but especially mothers that are juggling work and life balance and inspiring them to keep moving forward.  "It's about the community, it's about a people, and it's about making a difference in the lives of families around the world."

Here are the following venues she'll be more than happy to serve her clients:

  1. Corporate Events
  2. Middle and High Schools
  3. College/University
  4. Church
  5. Hospitals
  6. Prisons and Juvenile Detention Centers
  7. Homeless Shelter

"No matter the venue, there's always a message to be heard and a message for the audience to receive and to apply in their lives."

"It's not about the numbers served; it's about the message given to serve.  Where ever there is an audience some one is willing to listen."

In order to book an event, you may contact her by using the Contact Us page from the www.ceo-mothers.com.

Thank-you, and looking forward to having a partnership with you.

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