Teenage Pregnant Mother...Give Up?!  Not!! Keep Going!

Teenage pregnancy has been frowned on for many years.   I remembered back in the 80's and 90's when teenagers used to get pregnant, some teenage mothers were not allowed to go to their home school because the school staff/board in some States didn’t want other teenagers to mirror what they’ve seen.  Instead teenage mothers had to attend other schools with other teenage mothers so they can share the same experience of becoming a mother while going to learn.  However, over the years, society is not hard on teenage pregnancy like they used to because times have changed.  Teenage pregnant mothers are now attending their home school and school of their choice.  Hence, now, society automatically assumes, not everyone but some, that the teenage mothers will not finish high school let alone go to college and become someone significant.  Instead, they talk about teenage mothers as if they are a statistic with no future endeavors. 

There are many mothers today that either had a baby as a teenager or as a young adult, and they’ve finished high school and college, and now pursuing a career, have a career or starting their own businesses.  Sometimes I think of Mary, in the Bible, the virgin that became pregnant, then gotten married, and had a beautiful son that saved a people in the world.  I think of former President Barack Obama, and how his mother had a baby, singled, and her son was able to be something that the world couldn’t see at first, a bi-racial (or African-American) President.  I admired Sarah Jakes Roberts for not giving up after having her baby at the age of thirteen.  She graduated from school at the top of her class, gotten married, then divorced from her first marriage, wrote not only one but two books, became a motivational speaker and minister, and is married to a minister with her second child.  She is a step-mother too, and she travels the world to speak millions of people that can make it with God too. These mothers were able to conquer the distraction and noise by sticking to what they believe and keeping a community of people to help the prosper.  They kept their eyes on the prize, and they knew the road may not be easy, but they knew if they stay on the path, they will soon reach their destination.

There are so many young parents that are gifted and had babies at a young age; however, that doesn’t mean they will not be something, it’ll take them some time to get there but they will conquer the inevitable.  They are gifts to the world too.  We’re not condoning and agreeing to having a baby in high school because education is first priority and taking a care of a responsibility at a young age is challenging; however, if it happens, life doesn’t stop keep going.  It gets better with hard work, with time, and with determination.  Don’t allow the naysayers predict your future.  Leave them around as being spectators and speculators to give them something to talk about.  They are going to help build you because for your weakness makes you strong.  Your victory is your test to having a testimony. 

Society might label teenage mothers, but don’t allow that label to be stamped or marked on you.  You can do anything through Christ who strengthens you.  Believe that your situation is only temporary, surround yourself with positive people, set a goal for you and your baby(ies), and go get what belongs to you.  You can do it.  Just believe.  Bishop Timothy J. Clarke, Senior Pastor in Columbus, Ohio, said something striking to our congregation that as long as you put your hands in front of your face and you breathe on your hands and feel hot air, then you still have life in your body.  I thought Wow!  This is true.  If you still have life in your body, then you are still alive with more things to give and do.  You still have an assignment for yourself, for your baby, for your family, and for your community.  Keep the fight in you that you will graduate, that you will be a good parent, that you will have a career, that you will save money for your family, that you will own your own business, that you can conquer anything, and that you glean behind the reapers…just believe, and you’ll have it.

The best thing to do is to speak LIFE over your situation.  I speak LIFE that you will make it and break any generational curses, statements, or lies that were told.  You are not that part of your past; instead you are the CHANGE for the future.

There may be times when you need a break from your baby because of work and school, and motherhood, so ask for help.  It's okay.  Don't be ashamed. We don't want you to get burned out,  We are not saying go party every night, we are letting you know it's okay to go out with your friends to a movie or out to eat sometimes.  Just not partying every night.  Thereafter, you can come back home and get back in to your motherly routine.  Overall, stay focused, know you will make it, and know that you are a CEO-Mother.  Don't let anyone tell you differently. :)

Always remember, be blessed and highly favored.

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