Valerie Rainford: The Unstoppable Business Woman.

Valerie Irick Rainford is the unstoppable, notable, and renowned woman of class.  She has been through some challenging situations from having death in the family and from growing up in poverty during her child life that could suffocate some people from being able to succeed.  However, Valarie new that she had something to offer to society, and that was to succeed.  She wanted to make her mother proud that she never gave up, but she kept moving forward.

Valerie graduated from college, became married, and had two beautiful daughters,  Although she had children, she never allowed that to stop her from reaching her goals.  She kept her eyes on the prize.  In addition, she never allowed her past to impede her from her future.  She then  worked for The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and then transitioned in to a new role at J.P. Morgan Chase bringing her wealth and diverse-knowledge of problem-solving skills in the private sector.  She is currently working to improve diversity, giving back to the community, and wrote a book titled, "Until the Brighter Tomorrow," to empower other woman, mothers, and colleagues that they can achieve greatness as she has done too.

She has received significant amount of rewards because of her courageousness and because of her dedication to her work, her community and her family. She is our next CEOMother.  Let's celebrate her success and pay it forward.

Learn more about Valerie at her website,, and be inspired.

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