Vashti: A Woman's Character

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In the book of Esther, from the Bible, there was a young beautiful Queen named Vashti. She was a great woman of character, and made a difference for all woman on how to build character of their attitude, how to stand-up for what they believe even if they lose friendships and relationships, and how to earn respect for their body.

During a time of feast (Hebrew mishteh) amongst the men of Persia who were priest in their day and King Ashasuerus (Hebrew name for Xerxes) asked his Queen Vashti to come to them with just a crown on her head, so she can be of excitement to them. In addition by her doing this would earn favor for him to rebuild the temple that was lost by her great grand-father and earn peace amongst the men of Persia to find Vashti beautiful so they can earn their approval. However, she refused his command. She was entertaining the women during their feast and she wasn’t going to leave them for such a degrading appointment. When he received notice that she refused to appear with only her crown, he became angry and embarrassed, and felt disrespected. She didn’t honor him, so he requested a second time for her appearance. She still refused. Since she did not do as he commanded, he was advised by an enunch, Haman, to withdrawal her estates and royalty, and give it to someone else. She didn’t care about royalty because it didn’t hold value. She knew who she was and where she came from. She was a strong commodity of character and respect which holds a greater power and a greater value than to reveal body for a feast.

She knew that she can gain her financial well-being back if she continues to strive for excellence. She didn’t allow men to define her by her body, but by her character. She knew she was greater than just her body and she was able to give more than the excitement of her body. She knew that her past and the lives that fought in the war from where her great grandfather had died was far more greater than what they were requesting for temporary pleasure. She was neither a display nor a trophy on the shelf, she was a woman with class, and that’s what set her apart. She was so powerful that men began to fear that her motive was going to spread to other women and they would not abide to their husbands. However that was not her assignment. She empowered woman that they are greater than just their bodies and if they are not comfortable with what’s requested of them, then they don’t have to do it. They have the right to make an informed decision on what’s right or wrong. She did this at being a young age with no family, and stood tall while every one was against her and when her life could have ended for her decision. However she did it.

It’s encouraged for women to understand that they are more than their voluptuous shape, their bodies, and their curvaceous backside, their bosom; they are a conquerors and women with class. They are smart, they are intelligent, they are significant, and they are powerful. We have the power to be and are great decision-makers and we have the power to empower and influence to make a difference in the world and everything around us.  We don't have to bow down and use our bodies to win anything.  We are Sheros.

Be strong and of good courage like Vashti.

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