Virtuous Woman: Mellody Hobson

Photograph provided by Annie Leibovitz

Mellody Hobson is a virtuous woman.  She is a magnet to people that she has built relationships with, and she is diligent person.  She strives for success based from her hard-knock Chicago childhood days, and she's been determined to succeed ever since.  She is a beautiful wife in a interracial marriage to George Lucas, a step-mother to 3 beautiful adults from George, and a biological mother to Everest Hobson Lucas by George.  She has learned a lot from her mother, a real-estate agent selling condominiums and having heart for people who couldn’t pay their rent, and learned the struggles of paying bills, misspelling words from her vocabulary test in school, and failures at a young age.  She knew that this life wouldn't work for her in her adult hood, so now she is the CEO of Ariel Investments and on the board of fortune 500 companies.  She is on it about her health by waking up early in the morning to get her work-out on, and she believes in getting her job done.  Wow.  Can we say she is a young phenomenal woman?  

Read her story on how people want her to succeed and how she became a success story from her childhood, to college and to being the Top Investment person at Ariel investments.  She is our next CEOMother.

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