You Expect me to Workout Too?

I'm tired and I can't get up, is what so many mothers are probably saying because they are too tired to work-out let alone take care of household and family responsibilities.  They also may think, I still have to look good after having children?  Dang, what else do I have to do?  I mean give me a break, I'm trying to handle everything and I'm going to work-out soon, but I have to find some time.

The good thing is that working out is handled at our own pace.  The best opportunity to get our work-out on is either early in the morning or late at night after the child(ren) are in bed.  For instance, I have a cousin that has trained herself every morning to rise at 4:30 am to work-out for at least an hour in a half.  Thereafter, she eats, gets ready for work, and off for the day. She has already dedicated her hour in half on herself, for self-care, and she is still burning calories throughout the day.  She has been doing this routine since her children were small, and has made this part of her regimen. 

How many of us can do this too?  All of us can if we want too.  Remember we can do ALL Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Us.  We are empowered to do everything is just that we have to make time to do it.

Here are some great tips in working out at home while taking care of home responsibilities before, during, after listed below:

If it's before going waking the child(ren) and going to work, wake up a little earlier, at least an hour.  Try to do this every day until your body becomes accustom to it.  Thereafter, implement an exercise routine: you can either go jogging or walking in the neighborhood or watch your favorite exercise plan.  For instance, I watch Youtube and type in exercise, and a lot of exercise channels appear.  Just choose one that resonates with you and just do it for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

If it's during the the time that your with the family that is still a perfect time to exercise.  For instance when vacuuming, do squats every time you move forward.  If it's folding clothes, raise your arms way up in the air to shake the clothes and then down and fold.  It's kind of like the Karate Kid, "wax on wax off."  If you are washing dishes, wash the the plates in a circular shape and do it at a certain speed to rotate your hands and arms.   At least your muscles will start working to burn fat around your arms.  If you are laying down on the floor, do some sit-ups or do push-ups.   That way you are working your abdomen and your arms, chest, and back shoulders.  If you are cooking, get some can goods and use them as weights and count and do two sets of 25 for your arm by going up and down or behind your neck.  You can also get a ball and do squats and push-ups with that too.  In addition, you can join a gym or a class to do exercises with other women and encourage one another to reach your goal of losing and trimming weight.

There are so many different things you can do while being at home with your family.  Also it'll be nice having your children to watch you be and get in shape so they can be inspired to keep themselves in shape too.  Even while your child(ren) are doing homework, you can ask questions  them questions about their work (helping them do it) while doing jumping jacks or lunges.  Pilates can be done too to stretch the muscles to help you become more flexible, especially if you think you can do the splits like you did if you were a cheerleader or on drill team back in high school and college. :)

After, when your child(ren) have gone to sleep, try Pilates, Yoga, or a Youtube exercise channels.  There are some really good ones that will work your bottom, chest, abdomen and legs.  They will keep you fit and lean. Usually some will last for at 15 to 30  minutes, but do it at your own pace. This can help you without any interruptions because your child(ren) are sleeping, and then you can really be in to it.  Once you have completed your work-out, you can take a bath or shower, read a book, have some tea, and get some good night's rest.  Then you do not have to wake up as early because you've done your workout at night.  

Whichever one you choose, at least you thinking and doing self-care.  We want to be healthy.  Find some time to work out.  It'll make you feel more energetic when handling your daily responsibility, and you will feel good about your body.  You will feel in shape and feel together not only based on working out, but what you eat.  With time everything will come together and you will be looking like your old self but better and at your current age.  Just believe.

Be blessed and highly favored.

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