A Father's Position is Irreplaceable

by: LaMeka Howard

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Fathers are an amazing figure to their families. They are the head of the household, the protector, the prophet, the provider (and yes mothers too), and so much more. They have the strength of an Elephant, the voices of a roaring lion, the eyes of an owl, they have dreams beyond measures, they have a fist of a stampede, they shield as a mass army, their last name continues for future generations, they empower their children to be successful similar to Carl Lumbsly who played the character of Mac Brashear, the father of, Carl Brashear, that was played by Cuba Gooding Jr in Men of honor, he says to his son “You don’t come back here no more,” because he wanted his son to be better than where he came from. Those words empowered his son to be the first African-American U.S. Navy Diver. He was determined no matter the length of journey, it was the obstacles and discrimination that built character, dignity, honor, and respect.  He was at his best, and he did it!

There are great fathers that are unnoticed because we either listen gossip stories, watch social media, or read headlines of unfit fathers.  Some of the stories could be "He’s no good-of-a-man, let alone a father;" “He left me with our children for another woman;” “When he realized I was pregnant, he didn’t want to be part of it;" "When it became too difficult for him, he couldn’t handle it anymore so he left.” Wow after either hearing or reading all of these stories, it may change a woman’s mind about having children.  Wow fathers what do you have to say for yourself right?  Do you think these statements are accurate?  Is there another side to the story?  On the other hand, we neither see nor hear inundated compliments about fathers staying with their families, raising their children, loving on their wives and providing for their families.  May that needs t  change.

 There are fathers doing well by teaching their sons how to be a man, showing their sons how to manicure the lawn, how to repair things around the house, how to maintenance cars, how to build things, how to be a gentleman, how to respect women, how to fight for his family and for life, how to be intellectual, how to train them on sports, how to be successful and appreciate their humble beginnings, and how to build for their family. However, fathers can also teach their daughters about mechanics of how to maintenance a vehicle, change the tire on a car, how to train them on sports, how to help with a business, and how to be safe from harm’s way.  In addition, fathers can show them how to love themselves and respect themselves, teach them how a man should love them so when someone has searched for them, they have a certain kind of expectation that’s not lowering their standards.  This is similar to the movie Courageous as Ken Bevel played Nathan Hayes, a father of Jade Hayes, his daughter, played by Taylor Hutchinson, in showing how fathers are protective over their daughters.  He steps out-of-the-house, on to the step, with authority to introduce himself to a young man name Derreck who wanted to take his daughter to eat.  The father declined his invitation for her, she was disappointed; however, he respectably invited Derreck later in the week to have lunch with the family, but then Derreck declined. He was her shield.  How many of us ladies recall experiencing this episode with their fathers?

We see other examples from movies, from sitcoms, from church, and from our community on how fathers a significant piece to their families.  Bill Cosby, when playing the character Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show, Theo, his son played by Malcolm J. Warner, wanted to hastily move out-of-the-house. However, he didn’t have the money, so Cliff powerfully informs Theo the art of responsibility of independence. How many of us shared his request of independence? Well, Cliff gave him twelve hundred dollars (of Monopoly money as his earnings from work for the month. He then advised him he needed $350 to pay taxes, $400 for rent, and several other expenses practically leaving him with nothing; on One-on-One, sitcom with Flex Alexander, playing a singled-father, Flexter Alexander, with Kyla Pratt, playing his daughter as Breana Barnes, by building a relationship with her and showing a people in the world that fathers can raise their daughters to the best of their ability without having a mother in the home; in the movie the Sound of Music, Christopher Plummer, played Baron von Trapp, as a singles-father having to raise seven children by teaching them respect, dignity, and integrity, and then he found his true love, Julie Andrews, the character of Baronin Maria von Trapp, as she taught them the greatest power of Love with a hint of song. It was a family joined to not be separated. When Nicolas Cage, the character of Jack Campbell, as he had a moment having to change his son’s diaper while having an intellectual conversation with his daughter; priceless. Bishop T. D. Jakes Senior Pastor of the Potter’s House, advises his daughter, before she had gotten married to not give up her last name so easily because there is power in that name, so she kept her father’s last name and hyphenated with her husband’s Jakes-Roberts; how Bishop T.J. Clarke, Senior Pastor at The First Church of God, showing his daughters compassion and God’s love; how my very own father Rudolph D. Howard Jr. a devoted father, showed his daughters God’s word and how hard work pays-off, and to many other fathers that sacrifice every day to keep their families together: we salute you!  You're the rock, the, the anchor, and the strong tower.

There are so many different fathers that exhibit positive attributes for their families and don’t receive recognition for it, so today we want to tell you Happy Father’s Day! Your family is the next generation that can possibly lead our world to greater things and can be part of history because of that change in history. Overall fathers we need you in the lives of your family because you provide the balance and structure of your foundation you’ve helped built. You matter, your voice matters, your position and influence matters, and becomes the mirror to reflect what’s produced by you.

Take this day to enjoy your special day!

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