Impossible Made Possible

By: LaMeka Howard

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Luke 18:26

But He said, "The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."  

In this month's theme All About Family, we are focusing on the Power of Prayer.  We have heard before that prayer changes things.  It’s important to keep God first and have faith, all things will work out according to His perfect plan for us.  There is something in the words we speak when we pray, there is something about how we speak them when we pray, and there is something in the power we receive when we pray to our Father in Heaven.  When we go to Him, we have to trust that He will hear us and that He will answer. 

When I watched War Room, Priscilla Shirer, who played character Elizabeth Jordan, prayed for her family.  She spoke with authority to have dominion over the situation where she was not going to allow the enemy, the devil, to come and intervene with her family, with her life, and with her marriage.  On the other hand, nothing else was working to heal her family, but when she prayed, a change occurred.  Here is her prayer:

 I don't know where you are, Devil, but I know you can hear me. You have played with my mind and had your way long enough! No more! You are done! Jesus is the Lord of this house, and that means there's no place for you here anymore! So take your lies, your schemes, and your accusations and get out in Jesus' name! You can't have my marriage, you can't have my daughter and you sure can't have my man! This house is under new management and that means you are out! And another thing, I am so sick of you stealing my joy, but that's changing too. My joy doesn't come from my friends, it doesn't come from my job, it even doesn't come from my husband. My joy is found in Jesus, and just in case you forgot, he has already defeated you, so go back to Hell where you belong and leave my family alone!

Just imagine if we speak life over ourselves and over our families, what difference or impact do you think that we have in our lives from it?  Miraculously things turned around for her family and if it turned around for her family, just imagine what it'll do for families around the world?  God can make all things new, He can make things out of nothing, He heals the sick, he feeds the poor, he takes away hurt, He makes the blind see, He gives guidance for the lost, He provides wisdom to the seeker, He is the Lilly in the Valley, He is our salvation, He is our fortress, He is our way-maker, He is our provider, He is our everything.  He is amazing.  If there is anything our heart desires, go to God and ask Him for it.  He will guide you as to what you need in order to bring it to life.  God can take anything that we think that is nothing and make it in to something.

Always remember with God, we have everything, if we know God He will always give us His word, trust God and we will always have His power, and believe God and we will always see His work in us.  He is the possible when human kind think the situation is impossible.  He is the way, the Truth and the Light.

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